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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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That ripped me too.

The author's intent was nasty and most wrongheaded!

But "ole huzzy" is one of my hub's humorous nicknames for me, which I consider a compliment. (Decades ago, his psycho mother used to try to insult me by calling me that - little did she know that she cracked us up.)
He's an old sweetie.

Or thousands of Yemen school children?

Yemen on brink of 'world's worst famine in 100 years' if war continues. UN warns that famine could overwhelm country in next three months, with 13 million people at risk of starvation.


But we must sell them weapons!!!!!


"URINE is sterile because it contains no living organisms, unless the person that produces is unlucky enough to have a urinary tract or bladder infection. There are less bacteria in urine than in tap water, for example. But drinking tap water is (generally) safe because it contains no toxic substances."

- (Dr) Peter Lund, School of Biological Sciences, University of Birmingham (p.a.lund@bham.ac.uk


I used that term yesterday. 😁

Loved that silly movie...

That's in my FB public ID.

"No Republicans"

I "ghosted" FB a few yrs ago but my info is still there, apparently.

Just last week had a childhood friend contact me and want to be friends but she then told me she's a rethug and asked if that really meant "no Republicans"!
I'm now in the process of "interrogating" her to find out how exactly she can back up her rethugian positions. Essentially, I want to show her what an idiot she has to be. So far, she's been nice. My interrogation has essentially just begun and I'm including her in my political emails today. So, "we'll see."

Once upon a time, she seemed to have a few brain cells because she finished h.s. in 3 yrs and college in 3 yrs. Yep, I know that, depending upon the field, that can be explained by having good rote memory, not reasoning abilities.
But she's religious!! And that's another huge "hell-no" in my book. So, I don't have a lot of hope and know how this will probably end but I want to cause her to think a bit.

Years ago I was successful in converting one guy to the light! And he was ex-military too! But...but he was already an atheist, so I knew he was a flexible thinker who had some respect for me.

So touching...


An impassioned speech at 2018 Global Climate Action Summit

Okay, by an actor but please listen.

Ford won't put you to sleep as Al sometimes tends to do about the climate.

A Dog's Last Will and Testament

Tissue advisory.

I have an understanding with my adult son, my only offspring, where he has sworn to take any furbaby/ies hubs and I might leave upon my/our passing. Our home will always be open to another rescue when our two pass. There are too many needing homes.


Sadly, I've a 31yo son who doesn't want to hear about what he's going to have to deal with, what the world is going to have to deal with in his lifetime. What we are leaving him.

I feel immense guilt as any parent should. Look what we've done to our kids!! I knew this was coming back in the Zero-population days, yet I still had one child, hoping the planet had more time. I've cried over this. Over my horrible misjudgment, over the destiny of the planet. Try talking about this in GD forum. Bam! The snackdowns come fast and low.

Thanks for reading my braindroppings, Lefty.

They must be praying for TRump to be impeached.

So their man can drive the Dominionists'
agenda faster.

Folks, google "Dominionists" and see whose pic pops up.

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