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Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
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It could be that Chris was concerned for his new baby's future?

Folks don't want to hear the bad news and how dangerous the environment will become for their children. (Even my 31yo phd physicist son doesn't want to hear me or his dad expound on the dangers.) Besides, it's probably bad for msnbc ratings.

The guy said it was difficult for him, knowing the truth, because this is his profession. And yet he has to write about it every day. I remember when first reading and absorbing all the bad news, how I went for weeks in such a depression that I'd go into intense crying bouts. And we've seen many DUers who are in denial of the extent of climate change and to what dire measure we MUST take to mitigate it.

Temps in the Arctic remain way above normal, which will release more methane from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean.
This is a feedback mechanism. I sat in a theater one evening watching Star Wars and began crying because a scene in the movie reminded me what's going to happen to earth, not in our lifetimes but in our children's. This knowledge is crushing.

Here are the "101 Top Web Resources on Climate Change"
From general climate change news to specific scientific information.

Thanks, BigmanPigman.

If you have a strong stomach, read this - or if you value your peace of mind, don't....

Wow! This is strange.

The Chinese gov't's policy has really changed in 8yrs when we were there in 2010.

We were frankly astounded by the number of Chinese Muslims in Shanghai and there were even daily loudspeakers calls to worship!

Thank you!

What a wonderful story that can teach everyone of us that we can help, that we should never excuse ourselves for not attempting.

Shows ya how dumb I am about red meat.

No sir, don't eat pork either. And I LOVED ham and bacon but stopped eating it. I'm sure your Boston butt was delicious too and must've smelled heavenly.

My east Tennessee granddaddy owned a slaughterhouse (right over the Smokies from you) and I grew up hearing my very religious momma say, "that's what gawd put 'em here for." She must've had a tinge of guilt about killin' 'em. And I grew up on a small 75 acre farm there where my pet calves would disappear. When my brother, sister, and I figured out what'd happened to them, we stopped eating red meat. It was as if they'd sent our dogs out for slaughter. I later resumed my heavier carnivore ways in my twenties but then stopped again for various reasons: compassion, my own health's sake and that of the environment's.
I'm one of those overly sensitive snowflakes. But to each, his own.

What do "asphyxiation, fish hooks or harmful algae "

have in common?


It's practically impossible for me

To befriend such people... I simply cannot contain my contempt for them. Their negative, bigoted attitudes just overwhelm me. This also applies to my extended family.
I am also surrounded here but not by the worst of them, thank goodness.

Our Eastern Seaboard bats are our best insecticide.

Here on the east coast we'd be overcome with mosquitoes were it not for our bats. I experience these critters, mammals by the way, almost every night on my midnight walks. I welcome their swishing by my head - better that than swatting some Nile-Virus carrying mosquito. Seriously.

What I'm asking, folks, is to please not fear these critters. They're an important part of our ecological system.

Here's a "terrifying" video of fruit eating bats...

The State of New York has Trump's nuts in a vice.

And Pence, of course, cannot pardon Trump from a state convicted crime. Trump will SERVE TIME. Perhaps even his kids too.

Not just the US. I was told by an officer in London.

While waiting in a London train station breastfeeding my son while COVERED with a blanket, I was told by an officer that I could not do that in public and that I had to go to the restroom to breastfeed my baby!! That officer must have stared at me a little while to have even concluded that I was nursing. My son's feet were dangling from beneath the blanket.

It was late night and the stinky restroom was practically dark. I fumed. I was exhausted since we had just returned from France, a day-long trip by train from the Alsace region, and had to make another leg of the trip up to Cambridge to our flat.

I had never imagined that the English would've have been that damn prudish. I had never been told while nursing in public, always under a blanket, here in the States to get myself out-of-sight.

The French, of course, did not have a problem with my breastfeeding in public. Always covered, of course.

This happened in 1990.

Bet he just doubles up on his pharmaceuticals

Which he's not handling well now. This is going to get even more "interesting" - and <gulp> dangerous.

When they eventually come to lock him up, it will be in a padded cell.

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