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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
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THIS ☝ ☝ is what happens when RWers control

ANYthing. They are without empathy, compassion.


You're absolutely right - it is psychological.

And this is what happened more recently in Croatia, Serbia, and Kosovo in the '90s. The Balkans War was mainly about religious divisions that had stayed latent in Yugoslavia for generations.

If we have a civil war, it's going to be that kind of Civil War - Neighbors killing neighbors.

Ah, yes. For intracranial adaptations.

My hubs even studied, wrote papers, and has a patent on that. I'm an idiot tho.

Here was my thinking, because I did think of NASA studies (not enough obviously):
Anything in space is weightless. Without the force of gravity, being "upside down" is meaningless. And most all NASA acclimating-to-space studies are done inside a freefalling plane. Water tanks have sometime been used but only to get astronauts used to working in a space environment but it's not entirely equivalent to the freefall. It somewhat helps them to acclimate to working extra-vehicularly in space, as they have had to do in working on the ISS

Thought I'd run this ☝ past the resident physicist here, so he corrected me and reminded me of the intracranial studies.

There are many reasons human are not adapted to space travel but one of the greatest problems is rooted in our intracranial pressure.

- NASA spouse






He'd have no use to Putin in Russia.

Putin's only goal is to destroy the US as much as he can and TRump was but his biggest tool.

If Trump cannot wield power in this country, then Putin would as soon see Trump dead. They are not friends. Their only common ground is using people for their own wealth.

Bingo! "Their parents were grossly unfit for the job."

That's been my theory for a long time. Their life force of hatred and sense of victimhood is built on misplaced anger.

Yes, excellent observation, shockey!! A quote...

"I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain."

- James Baldwin

I posted some hrs ago:

HATE, they live for it.
Their lives have little meaning without it. It's their life force.

These people should not be able to control this country - we should eliminate the Electoral College.

How in hell do TrumpHumpers do it?

They must have tiny, underdeveloped hippocampuses or shrunken by alcoholism or something. Seriously. One cannot have a normal functioning brain and believe all this crap.

What do most men have against that?

It's a rule in my house.

My motivation? A history of an abusive and hygienically nasty father and my need to never be reminded of him. Don't urinate on a commode seat or in the floor in my home. Won't accept it from my sweet critters, why accept it from a male human?

I only had $30K of uninsured household goods

Stolen in a move but they included heirloom jewelry and all my family's pictures. I was in shock and so angry with my husband because I had told him these people we're behaving suspiciously and he laughed it off.

I can imagine your nervousness and cautiousness now.

Can you imagine the thunderous crowd in DC

If Trump or the press were to announce that he's doing that? I'd be there for sure.

Or what if he has some brownshirts kidnapping these people one night?

I despise the fact that these kind of scenarios are even considered. We are in the twilight zone.


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