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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
July 30, 2019

Former CIA intelligence officer on John Ratcliffe

Former CIA intelligence officer, Ned Price talked with Joy Reid who substituted for Rachel last evening.

Please begin listening at the 12:30 mark:

A partial rough transcript of what Ned Price said:

"If Ratcliffe is confirmed, it will be by and large the most dangerous assault on the intelligence community that we have ever seen so far. He would be the Bill Barr of the intelligence community. He would keep all the secrets. If he sits at the top of the 17 intelligence agencies, he will keep what the president wants secret.
It will be inherent to his job to classify and declassify. To keep what the president wants Secret. He will have full access to all the intelligence that Mueller and his team collected over time.
If John Radcliffe is nominated and if he is confirmed to this post, the intelligence committee can kiss their chances of seeing those findings goodbye."

Chilling. He can classify every redacted portion of the Mueller Report. Then we'll have an impeachment investigation hearing based only on the info which is now public.

July 29, 2019


Thank you , Dennis.

Folks, please read and LISTEN to the tRumpcast above.

Every newspaper, every telecast should have covered this. Why aren't the Dems making more racket about this? Why doesn't this thread have a 100+ recommendations?

Sorry folks, but I just don't see justice being done.

July 24, 2019

You're right.

I'm sorry. My only offspring is 32 and knows he won't have a full lifespan. He's definitely not having children.

Most (#$@*!!?§) people know not and, by-damn, they don't wanna know. Wheee, we're gonna go to Mars. Wheee!!

Caveat: my hubs (PhD) just retired from NASA after 42yrs & knows that further space travel is a pipedream. Get over it folks. The universe ain't gonna matter when our oxygen-producing sources are gone.

Evolve? Not us. Nor any animals. Perhaps tardigrade and bacteria that are found to survive in glaciers and lifeforms in geysers such as thermophilic prokaryotes will survive. (Yep, had to look that one up.)
Life find ways, as the movie said. But it certainly won't be us or any of our very, very distant cousins.

July 23, 2019

Same here!

She'd follow us on our late night walks with the dogs, staying just in the shadows until I starting talking to her, calling her "kitty" because I thought she was the neighborhood cat that used to follow us.

Gray foxes are considerably smaller than the red foxes & they climb trees!! One night, my big yellow lab, not leashed, chased her up a tree. I screamed at my dog, who loves cats, thinking why would you chase a kitty? So I shined a flash light up the tree and found this sweet, tiny fox face staring back at me. Omg, a fox! We've had the company of a fox all this time.

She had been following other neighbors too & they too had not realized she was a fox.

I started leaving small treats for her after our walks every night. She would come onto our driveway to get them and would soon would approach me for more if & when I was out. This was a BIG MISTAKE. MY mistake! Stupid, stupid me!!! I had caused my sweet little wild foxy to begin approaching other neighbors more closely.

The word got out. Fearing foxy, my dumbasses neighbors started carrying sticks at night. FFFF!! This tiny critter would not hurt them. But convince hunter mentality neighbors of this? Impossible. I vehemently argued with them & warned a group of a dozen of them that I'd be very upset if anything happened to her. F them!! I blame myself...& my Republican neighbors. 😞

So sad.

July 23, 2019


Of course the Nashville area votes democratic too!

It's a bright spot in the state.

July 23, 2019

🚩 Public sentiment must be moved toward impeachment

This has been discussed here and other places, especially on MSNBC.

We need the House to vote to impeach and the Senate to convict and in order for that to happen, the members of both Chambers need to know that their constituents think that Trump should be removed from office.

The public must understand the facts before the polls move to favor impeachment and conviction.

It's repeatedly been said that "people do not read the books but they watch the movies." Far too few people have read Mueller's report. Some do not even know it exists. IF Mr. Mueller is clearly forthcoming in his testimony, it will be news that people will hear. It WILL Matter.

If it wouldn't matter (it's all in the report), then Why have him testify?

Speaker Pelosi is even holding up a hearing on impeachment because she feels the American public is not yet behind it. We need them to hear all the facts from the horse's mouth (from Mr Mueller) because "they will not read the book."

July 23, 2019

The oil companies have known too.

We've had generations who have hidden or denied this.

July 22, 2019

Aww. Reminds me of our neighborhood's tiny 🦊

Yes, crazy as it sounds, a real wild *gray* fox. Followed us and neighbors every night for almost a year until some asshole killed her. At first we thought she was a cat, she was so small. She had almost no fear of people or dogs, so some idiots thought she might be rabid. Horse hockey.
True story. I miss her.

July 22, 2019

MOST interesting.

Bookmarked. Thanks for posting this.

Opinions are abundant but knowledge is rare.

July 21, 2019

Thank you!

Should be required reading for anyone wanting to discuss climate and extinction.

Opinions are abundant but knowledge is rare.

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