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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
April 28, 2020

Beautiful! ❤ these foxes.

And I especially love little Eastern Gray tree-climbers. I almost "tamed" one last year and was most flattered when she brought her kits to see me! These Eastern Grays cat-sized cuties are quite smaller than their Red cousins and are really able to climb trees!

April 25, 2020

"I've seen airports treat luggage better than we treat animals,"

HBO “Real Time” host blasted factory farming as “just as despicable” as China’s wet markets.

Maher said one reason he wasn’t watching the “Tiger King” show was “because torturing animals is what got us into this mess.”


Doubled posted from another thread.
April 13, 2020

Yes, ma'am.

I told you about that, didn't i? '79. That's when I first bummed up my knee, on a bad landing. My contacts popped out ( go figure), bra broke, shoes flew. Yeah, bad landing.

April 7, 2020

You should see what I've directly tweeted to him.

I expected the black car & suits to be in my driveway. 🤣 But they've not come... yet. I imagine they don't have enough agents to ck out/ intimidate everyone who has insulted him.

Little story...
Back in the 70s I did have the "black car" & 2 suits knocking at my door. It was a hoot. Yes they were SS agents. (And I had 5 MJ plants on my balcony. 🤣 But the visit was about something I had said to a newsman about a visiting Russian physicist, who had been our guest. I did some fast explaining about why the Russian Prof., Krasilnikov had visited us. (Thankgoodness, they didn't see my plants.)

April 6, 2020

About time!!

What will the churches do?!

Actually, there's the concept of intentionality, the art of directing one's mind. This "art" doesn't come naturally but can be learned.

April 4, 2020


There are DUers who have family members on the front lines like this, in the ERs working with CoVid patients.

Extending cyber-hugs to them & bless them & their family members.


OhioChick, my thoughts are with you and your sons.

April 3, 2020

US exported millions in masks, ventilators, other PPE ahead of coronavirus crisis here


American companies sold more than $17.5 million worth of face masks, more than $13.6 million in surgical garments and more than $27.2 million in ventilators to China during the first two months of the year, far exceeding that of any other similar period in the past decade, according to the most recent foreign trade data available from the U.S. Census Bureau.
The White House and congressional intelligence committees were briefed on the scope and threat of the coronavirus in January and February, but President Donald Trump has not stopped exports of key medical equipment – a move taken by at least 54 other countries so far.

The data show how U.S. manufacturers stepped up production and cleared out inventory to supply protective medical equipment to China for weeks, even as the threat of the coronavirus became clear. ....

Read more: https://a.msn.com/r/2/BB125TUq?m=en-us&referrerID=InAppShare

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