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LOVE CRITTERS, most all critters, but I bite people. ;)

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Good question.

"the postmaster general serves at the pleasure of the USPS board for an indefinite term."


Biden, in playing "by the book," is working on replacing Board members. He could, however, just fire DeJoy.

Surprise, surprise, the RW's goal is to privatize our mail service -- their perpetual motto, as we know, is profits before country.

We used to have many bats in our neighborhood.

They would fly close and almost silently swoop by our heads when we were walking late at night. I suppose that we were attracting mosquitoes which attracted the bats.

Since the mosquitoes and other nightly flying insects in the vicinity seem to have now been mostly eradicated (?), we do not see the bats anymore...I miss them.

- Wmsbrg, VA

Important paragraph...

Overconsumption and the climate crisis could lead to water levels so low that downstream flows to hydroelectric plants would stop," tweeted UNEP, which would jeopardize access to electricity for millions of people in western states.

Overconsumption AND climate crisis❓
Human overconsumption has lead to Earth's climate crisis❗

Aug 9, 2021 — “It has been clear for decades that the Earth's climate is changing, and the role of human influence on the climate system is undisputed,”...


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