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Member since: Sat Oct 23, 2004, 10:34 AM
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I'm laughing, but thanks for trying to tell me how to act. Always appreciated! HA.

Didn't say you were. I'm just disappointed because I think it would help us.

THIS is OP worthy- not the old rules we'd be lucky to keep. The 1/3 cut in Medicade

is somehow left out and that's pretty crucial. Thanks for this post!

Pointed Q about hacks asking if ANYoNE on his staff had contactA- he's deflecting .

Saying Russia will respect and like us and stop.

Cool...drinks around Grand Central? I would say Raines Library is the place!

I am very close by to Manhattan, it's not big deal. I'm in a crunch time for work for another week, then things should be a lot more flexible during weekdays. But weekends can work for me too! We should invite La Lioness Pryanka, have not seen her in RL in a few years. She is the coolest.

PM me and we will talk next week!!

what the fucking FUCK?

Why do you assume you know what this wide circle was up to...

It reminds me of my cousin not believing me 20 years ago that I had to clobber his friend with a cast iron skillet to stop him from ripping my clothes off.
When this guy's name came up last week- I brought it up and he believed me. Because the guys done jail time for assault since. He was dismissive years ago because he was friends with this guy. He wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt so bad he wrote it off as me exaggerating or some such and forgot it.
You're 4% pulled out of thin air, feels like a similar act of denial.
Wouldn't be surprised if women in the OP's life didn't share all their bad experiences if you believe it's so rare, or only with true sociopaths. It doesn't jibe at all with our reality. Seemingly nice "respected" men rape too. Their friends are always shocked and loathe to believe it happens.
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