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Gender: Male
Hometown: Central Iowa
Member since: Mon Oct 25, 2004, 07:44 PM
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Filed for Social Security benefits today

I will turn 66 this month (Full Retirement Age), and I have an "Adult Disabled Child" (Social Security Administration's term for an adult who was awarded disability payments before age 22 and is still receiving them). It seems I'm lucky where I work, as no one else has the skills that I do, so they don't want me to retire anytime soon, they'll make concessions for me and I'll keep working for a couple years.

In researching retirement the last year, I learned about "file and suspend". I wanted to find out if this would affect my daughter, so I did some checking and yes, she could file against my benefits, meaning more money for her. As we should all know, file and suspend is going to go away at the end of April this year.

When I went to the local office today, and filed in person, I learned that what I was doing--filing so my daughter could file against my benefits--is NOT considered "file and suspend". It was explained that file and suspend is only when a married couple does it, so that one spouse's benefits can continue growing.

What I did, is considered something totally different, and is NOT GOING AWAY. At least, at this time. In talking about it, SSA is still coming down with information on how this is going to be implemented, and making rulings, so the situation is still fluid.

I found it interesting, and just wanted to share what I learned today.
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