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yellowdogintexas's Journal
yellowdogintexas's Journal
February 21, 2023

Gangsters vs. Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in WW2

by Michael Benson

(apologizing in advance for the length of this post!)

I read this very readable and informative book a few months ago. Even though I have read a lot of history I never knew about the proliferation of these groups.

This non fiction book (written in a reporter's style) details this and many other similar events in this era. I learned just how deeply German-Americans were influenced by events in Germany during the 1930s, and what these groups attempted to do.

The organizers of that rally were not the only group of this kind; these groups were operating in every major city!

From the liner notes:

The stunning true story of the rise of Nazism in America in the years leading to WWII—and the fearless Jewish gangsters and crime families who joined forces to fight back. With an intense cinematic style, acclaimed nonfiction crime author Michael Benson reveals the thrilling role of Jewish mobsters like Bugsy Siegel in stomping out the terrifying tide of Nazi sympathizers during the 1930s and 1940s.

As Adolph Hitler rose to power in 1930s Germany, a growing wave of fascism began to take root on American soil. Nazi activists started to gather in major American cities, and by 1933, there were more than one-hundred anti-Semitic groups operating openly in the United States. Few Americans dared to speak out or fight back—until an organized resistance of notorious mobsters waged their own personal war against the Nazis in their midst. Gangland-style. . . .

In this thrilling blow-by-blow account, acclaimed crime writer Michael Benson uncovers the shocking truth about the insidious rise of Nazism in America—and the Jewish mobsters who stomped it out.

Packed with surprising, little-known facts, graphic details, and unforgettable personalities, Gangsters vs. Nazis chronicles the mob’s most ruthless tactics in taking down fascism—inspiring ordinary Americans to join them in their fight. The book culminates in one of the most infamous events of the pre-war era—the 1939 Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden—in which law-abiding citizens stood alongside hardened criminals to fight for the soul of a nation. This is the story of the mob that’s rarely told—one of the most fascinating chapters in American history and American organized crime.

I left out part of the liner notes but here is just one of the things I omitted.: * Nazi Town, USA: How one Long Island community named a street after Hitler, decorated buildings with swastikas, and set up a camp to teach US citizens how to goosestep.

Go here for additional info about this book. https://www.amazon.com/Gangsters-vs-Nazis-Mobsters-Battled-ebook/dp/B09BKDB8Y5/ref=sr_1_1? and read the sample. It's a good read and would make a great documentary; I was reminded of this book a lot when I listened to Rachel's recent podcast "Ultra" (https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-presents-ultra). I wish she would do a companion piece about these events)

It is a very expensive Kindle book. It popped up in the Prime Reading group so I read it for free. It's been out long enough that it could be showing up at places like Half-Price books and of course there is always the public library.

July 17, 2020

Today is National Tattoo Day

Not something I would have noticed before 2006, the year my daughter began her apprenticeship in tattooing.

Now she is a well established tattoo artist in Phoenix AZ, and we are very proud of her for finding something she loves which also allows her to be a real artist. All of her work is custom and one of her specialities is reworking old tattoos.

Link: https://www.beautifuladdictions.net/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beautiful.addictions.art/

Happy National Tattoo Day to my daughter and all other body art professionals

December 30, 2013

ah rootie

October 11, 2012

REQUEST FOR HOUSING in Dallas: for Texas Supreme Court Candidate Michele Petty (D) Oct 12-16 2012 !

Housing request: Candidate for Texas Supreme Court Michele Petty will be in Dallas for the State Fair on Friday, October 12, Saturday, October 13, and Sunday. I have been asked to post a message requesting a hostess for her to stay with for 10/12 (Friday night) and Saturday and Sunday and then possibly through 10/16.

If anybody has an extra bedroom in their house or apartment- especially if you live not far from the State Fair area, it would be absolutely great if you could put her up at your place. She is a very caring, smart and courageous woman who has driven all over Texas the last few months, campaigning to be on the Supreme Court (an elected position in Texas .) She is board certified in civil trial law and is well known as a scholar- and very great to talk to and spunky as well.

Needless to say she is a strong D. The guy she is running against is accepting big money from corporate interests. One of the things he did was write the opinion to allow the Texas open beaches to be sold off to developers. Never before in Texas History.

If you know anybody who might be able to host Michele, please forward this.

Here is the contact info from her FaceBook Page :

Phone 210-430-4133
Email pettyforjudge@gmail.com
Website http://www.michelepetty.com

edited to add the actual dates into the subject line

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