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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly region, Pennsylvania
Home country: USA
Current location: Philly region, Pennsylvania
Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 16,230

Journal Archives

Pennsylvania Democrats will not pay ransom

Source: CNN

(CNN)Pennsylvania Democrats will not be paying a ransom to unidentified cyberattackers, the state senate's top Democrat Jay Costa told reporters Monday.

The computers of the Pennsylvania State Senate Democratic Caucus remained locked after a Friday morning ransomware attack encrypted the lawmakers' server, and hackers demanded a payment in return for an access key.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/06/us/pennsylvania-democrats-ransom-hacking/index.html

This seems to be part of a worldwide attack that started in Europe.


********* IMPORTANT NOTE *********
Edited to add: My sincere apologies. The Pennsylvania story is from March. The British story is current and it links to the PA story, hence my confusion. The attack in Europe is breaking news. The PA story is not.

Edited to add: If you have a Windows machine make sure to keep curent with your updates! A patch for this was released in March.

I don't understand answers like that.

She votes for them because she believes that they're lying to her?

What is it that she really wants that she believes they will do? She must have some reason she votes for them other than her belief in their dishonesty.

The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

Was AI used to manipulate the election? Could something similar be used to undo the brainwashing?

By leveraging automated emotional manipulation alongside swarms of bots, Facebook dark posts, A/B testing, and fake news networks, a company called Cambridge Analytica has activated an invisible machine that preys on the personalities of individual voters to create large shifts in public opinion. Many of these technologies have been used individually to some effect before, but together they make up a nearly impenetrable voter manipulation machine that is quickly becoming the new deciding factor in elections around the world.

Most recently, Analytica helped elect U.S. President Donald Trump, secured a win for the Brexit Leave campaign, and led Ted Cruzís 2016 campaign surge, shepherding him from the back of the GOP primary pack to the front.

The company is owned and controlled by conservative and alt-right interests that are also deeply entwined in the Trump administration. The Mercer family is both a major owner of Cambridge Analytica and one of Trumpís biggest donors. Steve Bannon, in addition to acting as Trumpís Chief Strategist and a member of the White House Security Council, is a Cambridge Analytica board member. Until recently, Analyticaís CTO was the acting CTO at the Republican National Convention.
In the past, political messaging and propaganda battles were arms races to weaponize narrative through new mediums ó waged in print, on the radio, and on TV. This new wave has brought the world something exponentially more insidious ó personalized, adaptive, and ultimately addictive propaganda. Silicon Valley spent the last ten years building platforms whose natural end state is digital addiction. In 2016, Trump and his allies hijacked them.

Large Trump protest has overflowed international arrival hall at Philadelphia International Airport

An estimated 5,000 people are protesting President Trump's executive order on immigration. Officials at the airport say the crowd is so large, it has filled the International Arrivals hall. Protesters are being directed to the A baggage claim.

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