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Gender: Male
Hometown: Pa/Md
Home country: USA
Current location: Some have said not earth :shrug:
Member since: Sat Nov 20, 2004, 04:27 PM
Number of posts: 26,449

Journal Archives

Yeah, so that happened...

I also found that there is a member there called "refugee" who is trying to hide who they really are and they have constantly posted screen shots of my website to make our members look bad but have failed on all accounts.

Now you can read this screenshot and there is no mistake in what it say's.

The post in your screenshot was deleted. No DU Trash Talk is in effect there. We are sick and fucking so tired of hearing who hid who and WTF they're so mean, over and over and fucking over again. I doubt you get that, but some here might.

Also missing from your screenshot are the members taking the poster to task over it.

As to refugee, I have no idea who that might be, but I once had respect for you Bill. When those screen shots of the nasty things happening at your site were posted I was shocked and lost all respect for you as a person. So there's that too.

To "refugee" Karma has come back to bite you in the ass. but given the sniveling lying sack of shit that you are, you get what you deserve.

Lying sack of shit? Well since you opened the tenor of the post and I get one shot at this, let me start with a big FUCK YOU! The screenshots didn't lie your bitter, aged, pearl clutching drama queen, that's why you closed the site to do some house cleaning when they came out. That's why you still have the secret inner rectum of Bernin hate going.

Your and your cultists behavior here, coordinated at your camp weathervane and apparently sanctioned by the owners of DU, have brought DU into new levels of suckage. We took the fucking high road at first and instead of playing nice, you blasted the hill out from under us. Fuck that. You really don't give a fuck about anything progressive as long as you have a group you can put down.

On second thought I take that big FUCK YOU back. I wouldn't fuck you even with someone else's dog's cock. You have proven yourself to be utterly and irretrievably morally repugnant. You have stooped to depths that are lower than whale shit in the fucking Marianas trench. There's a lot of pressure down there for anyone with a shred of fucking decency but once your balls are shriveled to the obvious pinhead size it affects the brain and there's little left than to attempt to smear the shit on the walls when it didn't stick whilst you were flinging it.

You aren't worthy to even eat your favorite sandwich, not that you would eat a shit sandwich because I hear you hate bread.

To the jury that will undoubtedly get this, I am speaking of another website and you should take that into consideration not if but when this OP is alerted on.

The moral of this OP is people that live in glass houses....

Yeah, good advice, sad you don't live by that.

But it was only SOUL FOOD*

Part of the afternoon Sanders spent with the Run the Jewels rapper was well-documented: The pair ate a meal together at Atlanta's Busy Bee Cafe; according to the pool report, the senator had fried chicken, yams, rice and gravy. The other part a wide-ranging conversation that took place over several hours at Mike's barbershop, the SWAG Shop wasn't revealed until now.

Mike rolled out the interview, which addressed everything from marijuana to guns, government benefits and voter ID laws, on his Facebook and YouTube accounts.

More... (including the videos of the interview)

Yeah, they just had some fried chicken, ain't no thang at all.

* ALL CAPS in title because I saw in another thread that soul food was improper.
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