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Profile Information

Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Flushing, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: Somewheres
Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 06:33 PM
Number of posts: 37,991

About Me

Human being. Loves art, music, hockey, pets.

Journal Archives

To whomever gave me the heart:

Thank u thank u thank uuuuuuu!


Chief Inspector Murphy on his way home from a haircut


Ban on transgender people in military service may be lifted as soon as tomorrow


See? Having better human beings in office makes a difference.

Trans woman forced out of home; was victim of harassment by neighbor


This is terrible. I live in the States, she is in the U.K., so I can't invite her over, but I hope she finds a place really soon.


Praise the Lord from the Heavens!

It's been a week (only a day into it)...

Mom said she and Dad "don't get along very well." Their 52 anniversary should be next month.

My uncle had a heart attack and will need a Pacemaker. This happened yesterday.

I reached the one-month mark after my brain surgery, and I *still* (although rarely) have tremors.

Chief Inspector Murphy sayin' Hi


Black transgender woman found dead on Christmas day


My left eyelid is blue

Hi there!


In hospital. Going home later this afternoon.


Chief Inspector Murphy relaxing with toys

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