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CaliforniaPeggy's Journal
CaliforniaPeggy's Journal
July 31, 2023

Tiger Eyes

July 28, 2023

I own an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I seem to have acquired a number of apps that either were forced on me or that I thought I wanted.

I no longer want these.

I hope that someone here can help me delete them!


July 27, 2023

So, tonight, I was photographing the moon, both before sunset and just after.

Here's what happened: And, which one do you prefer?

July 23, 2023

Tonight's moon:

July 19, 2023

Modern Earrings!

July 10, 2023

Today, I took the Audi up into Palos Verdes to see the Wayfarer's Chapel.

I wanted to give it a real road test, and it was. It was a glorious summer day, lots of traffic, and sunshine.

Here's a few photos, plus one of the car, so you know I really was there!

And my car, in the lovely parking lot:

July 5, 2023

Well . . . I have a new car! An Audi Q4 e-tron 50 Premium Plus SUV.

All electric, complicated as hell, leather interiors; just took delivery today!

Here's a few photos:

July 4, 2023

***July 4, 1894...My grandmother's birthday***

Today I honor her memory...

Her parents saw, and lived, the American Dream...

They came from Sweden, met and married here...

She was their oldest child...

She was a bright, hard-working, motivated lady...

She and her husband raised their six children on a farm outside Chicago...

They had a pump in the kitchen...

She would kill and clean chickens for their meals...

She baked bread every week...

And still had time to go into Chicago for concerts...

She lived through the World Wars, and the Depression...

She did not let adversity shrink her soul...

My Grandmother! How much I still miss her, and her example!

I wonder what she would say if she could see what's happened to her beloved country...

Her birthday, today...

I salute her!

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