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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2005, 03:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,877

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Getting ready to pay for my beautiful yellow star.

The Magnificent Democratic Underground.

I'm so connected to it. What I've learned from it -- the sustenance I've gained from it, the personal strength -- has been of incalculable value to me.

This place does not represent the 'left side' opposing a right side. This is the right side opposing the wrong side.

In my life I've had deeply personal experience with cruelty, misogyny, racism, and greed. I've met and worked with people who were barely more than animals, incapable of reason, permanently filled with darkness and dedicated to it, as if that was all there could be in the world.

They survive because we light their darkness. If all Blue Hearts disappeared tonight, those remaining would be all dead in a few years. That's who they are, the walking dead: without us.

They would turn in on themselves so swiftly -- like a black hole collapsing under its own mass, ::fwoof:: it would all be over. Their reality is so utterly based on opposing all that is green and good about humanity -- they are leaning with all their weight on the pulsing power of our reality in such a furious attempt to stop it that they no longer stand anywhere. They mean nothing but Antigood. They have become Shadow.

We are dragging our walking dead with us into the future. So much more slowly, so much more dangerous -- but that is the nature of Union. Their children will be smarter and better than their primatish parents only because we care, and choose to help. Their lives will be longer and more comfortable because of science and critical thinking they disdain. Without our voices and words this nation would be little more than a long chute leading to an abattoir. We have been dragging their sorry souls forward for hundreds of years because that is what Good American Person means.

So be proud to be on the right side of American History, and Human History. If you are one of the lonely Blue Hearts surviving inside the Red Weirdness, awash in their disconnected, poisoned, papered-over hidden heartless empty lives, be prouder.

And be proud of supporting this venue. It is clean and true, and it holds power. Feed it. Write your truths. Read the others. We are The Lighters Of Darkness. It is the most difficult and most important act an earthling can choose to undertake in a lifetime. We will save the world, for them as well as us. This place is a Focus for that cause.

Long live the Magnificent Democratic Underground.
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