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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2005, 03:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,900

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Tom Jones: Talking Reality Television Blues

Dude is 80 and just released this excellent tune from an excellent new album.

It's Relevant. I dig it.

4/28 to 5/6.

there is darkness you don't want
to escape places we can go
to make it too late there is
no hole deep enough to stay
stupidity dna stumbles from
conflagration to skirmish
hound and the hoof scatter
scale and leaf matter the growing
sensate bound by only chemistry

TURN BLUE the thing screamed
TURN GREEN and i streamed
GO FAST and we fly
DEAD STILL the walls rise
i'm the lunar elevator
the proton motivator
i'm the beast from the east
with the loud girlfriend
nobody rolls my roll i
am the heart and soul
i am the king of bright
truth in the night fly!

a scorpion planet faces an
invasion of ticks from deeper
underground. horrible acts of
cruelty spread to an all-out
attempt to survive. the ticks
overwhelm the scorpions and
force a harsh armistice but
three generations later their
intermixed children smoke a
hallucinogenic plant together
that makes them feel brotherly

Captain Kerwin rolls
quick down the turnpike
free air on his bike there's
a fierce face on the hamster
two could say they know him
and the high whine of genius
radiant around him from
green grass in his heart

guitar shed fred rips it up
wild arpeggiated monster mass
the truth to power! the care
less fringes burn away for
a name a face nameless never

swella wella good good
that boy never stops
raises his arms and shouts
at the wind and the long flow
pattern primed for modern
set for the science nonfiction
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