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Robbins's Journal
Robbins's Journal
April 29, 2015

Here Is the thing

As bernie prepares to run for democratic nomination consider this from all the naysayers

back in 2004 while dems liked Howard dean on Iraq they went with electable In Iowa and NH with John Kerry and that failed for us.Kerry's vote for iraq war made it hard to go after W.Now i after i knew Kerry would be nominee still voted for dean in MO primary.

how so many forget many told us Obama would not win.he doesn't have experience.Hillary is inevitable.people will never vote for a black man with middle name Hussein.Yet he won Iowa caucus.In GE he won white states like Iowa,NH,and vermont.

They told us obama couldn't win reelection with official 7% unemployment.the 47% video didn't matter and obama was done after
first debate.

Now they say Bernie can't win,and we shouldn't even bother.We should just coronate centrist pro wall street,hawkish and Kissinger
pal Hillary.

They say he is only running to raise issues.Does any liberal really think the new income equality Hillary will show up In white House.It's not personal attack to say Clinton's are very friendly to wall street.Bill Clinton deregulated banks,pushed dems to right on free trade with Nafta,and hurt single mothers with signing republican welfare reform.

Bernie has been voting against free trade deals since he was In the house.Banks don't own him.

Bernie voted against both iraq wars.He has more foresight than she.Hillary is way too hawkish for my taste.

Bernie has for years been for civil rights.He's pro-choice.

He will tell you where he stands on issue.He's against TPP and keystone.

When people see Bernie running in early primary states,in debates they will never have seen someone so honest running for president who addresses the real Issues.

If we aren't prepared to fight nothing will ever change.

some here will say he's not a real democrat.Get rid for MSM to raise his age and "Socialist" label.Anyone who gets money from government program Is benefiting from socialism.

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Lifelong dem.Liberal.white supporter of civil rights of all.anti-free trade deals and anti-death penality.oppose more war in middle east
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