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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 08:14 PM
Number of posts: 62,444

Journal Archives

Biden's hitting balls that are gonna catch Voyager II


Imagine Romney/Ryan as a governing relationship

By emphasizing his loyalty to Barack Obama, Mr. Biden provided some food for thought about the GOP ticket.

Joe Biden - Will He, Or Won't He? - Place Your Bets Now

There was a "marathon" reference in Mrs. Obama's speech.

Will there be a direct or indirect "empty chair" reference in Joe's speech? If anyone is going to mention it, he will.

Edit: Final - "$2 NO tickets pay $6.80"

OMG - Someone made an Eva Braun reference?!?!!!??? For SHAME!

The Truth is a powerful thing, ain't it?

Where did the "Charlotte is unacceptable" thing go?

Do you think there is still time before the end of the week to move the convention to another city?

Utah - America's Pyramid Scam Capital


Utah is already notorious for scams. An Associated Press story in 2000 stated:
"Salt Lake City -- Welcome to Utah. Now watch your wallet.
The Olympic vote-buying scandal was in keeping with a state known for its dubious financial dealings and frauds, both petty and grand. So prevalent are the scams that Salt Lake City has a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission office that fights investor fraud. It is by far the smallest city with such a presence."

Kindred Souls - Favorite Actors Of The Right


Charlatan Heston:

Clint Eastwood

Juror #5 is an idiot

I have had it with Juror #5.

Look, in case you are just too thick headed to understand - when you are on a jury, you are responding to one alert at a time.

You can't sit there and say, "But the other post was also bad" because YOU DON'T KNOW IF THE OTHER POST WAS ALSO ALERTED.


And if you think the post you are judging is in reply to an alert-worthy post - THEN GO BACK TO THE THREAD WHEN YOU ARE DONE AND ALERT ON THAT POST TOO.

Why can't Juror #5 EVER figure that out?

The most amazing thing about President Obama's faked birth...

...is, if they went through all of the trouble to smuggle him into the US, plant fake birth announcements in the paper, and so forth...

Why didn't they give him a better name?

Like, oh, a normal sounding real American name like "Willard" or something?
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