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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 62,444

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Can't decide if I'm lazy or still just unpatriotic

The GOP confuses the heck out of me. Last time I voted for Obama, I thought it was because I hate America. But now I am led to believe that this time around I did it because I'm lazy and looking for a handout.

Can it be that I've become so complacent about hating the United States, that I simply became too lazy about it?

Megyn Kelly - "When we rehearsed this..." Catch it?

When Karl Rove went into meltdown over Ohio (during which Ohio itself became irrelevant), I was dipping into the schadenfreude by watching Fox.

Basically, they had him throwing his hissy while Anchormodel Megyn Kelly was sent from the news desk, camera in tow, to the "decision desk" boiler room to convey Rove's questions.

As she was going down the hall, she got to a point where she said "When we rehearsed this, my sound cut out right about here" indicating the range of her wireless headset.

"When we rehearsed this"?

They "rehearsed" Rove's freak out and her dramatic stroll to the decision desk?

Anyone else notice that? Why, pray tell, would they have "rehearsed" that performance?

Who is monitoring Hank Williams Jr.?

CO and NV will do it without OH & FL

Early Voting Exit Polls Of Undecided Voters...

...indicate that many of them couldn't figure out where to insert a quarter to get the voting machine to play any songs they wanted to hear.

They are said to have been both disappointed and confused.

So, it all comes down to this one guy?

I haven't been paying close attention, but why does FOX think anyone is going to care what happened to Ben Gazzara?

"Fall Forward, Spring Back" - set your clock tonight!

Short night tonight - get enough sleep!

Is there a good MSNBC live feed other than Rockin' Roosters?

That feed is skipping all over the place from MSNBC, to a Comcast stationary camera, to CNBC.

I'm in a hotel, my flight back to Philly is cancelled, and it is really tough to get a good MSNBC live feed.

Al Jazeera has a guy in Rehoboth, Delaware, which Al Jazeera, unlike MSNBC, can actually spell.

Three Mile Island, The Susquehanna, and Sandy

I don't know who might remember Agnes, but there are some heavily populated flood prone zones in Pennsylvania and New York. If you are from those areas, ask your folks if they remember Agnes. It wasn't wind that was a problem, but the staggering amount of water she dumped.

Some time ago, I posted on DU some pictures I snapped of the screen of an Exelon consulting civil engineer who was seated diagonally from me on his way to a presentation to management. Long story short from what I shoulder-surfed and captured is that the river model around which the flood defenses from TMI is designed, is obsolete. Other river projects and changed drainage have increased the "100 year flood" model by several feet.

While there are some stopgap measures in place, the presentation was apparently prepared to explain the expense of proposed improvements to TMI flood protection.

The guy had a sense of humor, as his first slide, before he edited it, said:

"Hey, let's build a nuclear plant in the middle of a river; right near an airport, and next to the capital of Pennsylvania!"

Pretty funny.

Anyway, a whole lot of this storm is going to end up dumping into the Susquehanna.

Romney, babies, and God

Don't expect Romney to say too much about Mourdock's comment. Mitt doesn't want to get into where babies' souls come from.

And, if you don't know where souls come from, I'll leave it up to Drunken Irishman or one of our other resident Utah explainers.
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