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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 62,444

Journal Archives

Hey, Remember Rick Perry Calling Out Romney As A Liar During A Debate?

I hope Gov. Perry is enjoying his GOP nominee status.

Ryan should announce a "Medicare to work" program

Just like "welfare to work". We can't have seniors sitting around doing nothing but looking to get sick. It makes them shiftless and cranky.

If we are going to give them Medicare, then why not expect them to do something productive for it?

If the French had the First Amendment, The Free Coffee Would Be Great!

Anyone who says they are not a troll, is probably a troll

So the only thing to do is to hold them underwater for a half hour. Trolls have gills, so if they live, then they're a troll.

What does this hand gesture mean to you?

Someone places one of their hands on top of the other and twirls their thumbs.

Does this have a uniform meaning?

Mitt: "Doesn't everyone pay their taxes on Priceline.com"?

It's simple. You log in and name your rate!

About Romney going down in flames...

Not the campaign, but Ann's plane wasn't just making a metaphorical point, there was a cockpit fire in a 1989 airplane owned by a finance company (probably as security in a loan) which could have led to a serious event.

We are all glad it was landed safely.

These campaigns involve a lot of travel, and a significant level of physical danger - from falling down the stairs or a platform collapse, to crazy people or groups of them.

I hope all of the candidates and their campaign staff and families remain safe.

Hey, Harry, as long as the testosterone supplements are working...

Are we going to get some new rules in January, or what?

Are you happy with the "deal" you made two years ago to require 60 votes for jack shit to get out of the Senate?

I think the rest of us are pretty tired about it.

I realize that if the D's are ever again a minority, then it can't be switched off, but here's the thing...

If we can get some LEGISLATION PASSED that actually fixes some things, makes some things better, and inures to the appreciation of the public, then:

(A) D's won't BECOME a minority, or

(B) By that time, the paradigm will have shifted far enough, and them along with it, that they can't do a whole lot of harm.

I think a large majority of the electorate is willing to take that chance.

Stop it. This is hard. Get in the ring.

That's some pillow talk they have in the Romney house, but, where are the remixes this year?

There were some awesome remixes the last time around. Thus far, the best I've seen is OFA's "context" video, but "stop it, this is hard" is beggin for a good remix.

How hard does Alex Castellanos work on being stupid?


Today on Mitt's tax release:

"At first I thought this was an April Fool's Joke," Castellanos said. "But it isn't April. I can't imagine that David Axelrod will now say, I'm glad Mitt put this issue behind him. This will drag Mitt's taxes back into the debate. And there's not many days left. I just can't imagine why they would do this. There are 40 days left and you have now made more of them about Mitt's taxes.... you don't serve a life sentence and then confess afterward."

Uh, no Alex, you don't. Because after you serve a life sentence, you're dead.
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