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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 59,255

Journal Archives

Graham says Trump is inflicting permanent damage on GOP


Its just like driving by a car wreck without rendering aid," Graham said.


Hes a bully," Graham said. "He intimidates people by calling them bad names. Like every other bully, hell meet his fate only when good people say, 'Enough.' Donald Trump, enough already. Take your ball and go home.


Rubio's "essence of the American Dream"

Apparently involves coming out of the backroom of a bar to a televised debate.

An Oldie But A Goodie - Ted Kennedy At Liberty University

With introduction by Jerry Fallwell, his very own self:

What really sucks about finding the MH370 part...

Is that with The Rachel Maddow Show having become "All FOX GOP debate, all the time", CNN is likewise going to be obsessively stuck on one topic, so changing the channel won't help.

Any good movies on?

I would like to see President Obama give Donald Trump an award

Isn't there some sort of discretionary "Presidential Medal of Merit" at the president's disposal?

I'd like to see the president invite Trump to the White House in order to receive a presidential citation "For Exceptional Contributions and Achievement in Performance Art".

I think Trump would accept it, figuring it was for The Apprentice anyway.

But, that would only make the award all the more deserved.

"By his very presence here today, Mr. Trump demonstrates his exceptional taste and talent for performance art."

Moldy piece of bread beats Trump by 20% in the general election

I'm really torn over whether we should nominate spoiled carton of milk, or moldy piece of bread.

I like spoiled carton of milk, but I think moldy piece of bread can win by a larger margin.

Honest Trymore Ndlovu

Whatever comes of the Cecil the Lion drama, the best thing to come out of the story is that there is a guy in Zimbabwe named Honest Trymore Ndlovu.

That is quite possibly the bestest name of anyone on the planet. It sounds like a wedding vow - Honest, Trymore, And Love You.

Emerging facts shed new light on Cecil the Lion

Investigators in Zimbabwe looking into the escape of Cecil the Lion from a national preserve and his subsequent death are finding a more complex picture than originally thought.

Former Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey, an expert on bow hunting for feral cat control said, "The first thing you need to ask yourself is 'why was this lion named Cecil in the first place?'"

Indeed. The country of Zimbabwe was formerly white-ruled Rhodesia, named after British mining tycoon Cecil Rhodes in 1895, after whom the Lion "Cecil" was apparently named. The end of white rule in Rhodesia is seen by many white supremacists as a significant defeat, as most recently demonstrated by the photograph of Charleston shooter Dylan Roof wearing a jacket decorated with the Rhodesian flag. It is not known at this time whether Roof and Cecil the Lion may have been in contact with each other.

Investigators also point to the fact that by leaving the park, Cecil's presence in the neighborhood where he was shot was definitely suspicious, particularly at night. "We gave Cecil a whole park to roam around in, but these seems to be another case where generosity only resulted in an ungrateful desire for more territory," Lindsey added.

Some residents near the park believe Cecil closely resembles a lion that was recently seen stalking area convenience stores. Said one neighbor, "I don't know if it was Cecil, but it had four legs and golden fur. Those lions all look alike to me anyway, and they're usually up to no good." Others familiar with the incident say that Cecil was "mouthing off" to local hunting guides who stopped Cecil to ask him why he was wearing a radio tracking collar. "We didn't know whether Cecil may have been violating probation, or whether perhaps the radio collar was stolen from another animal," a guide said, adding, "But instead of just explaining what he was doing outside of the park at night and where he got the collar, Cecil started making threats and was belligerently uncooperative with a routine stop."

Preliminary toxicology reports also indicate that Cecil had a high level of THC in his blood, and he may have been making a late night visit to a supplier. Some of the other animals in the park said that Cecil had a reputation as a small time dealer, and would regularly shake down wildebeest for loan repayments.


I don't know, but I suggest we wait until all the facts are in before reaching any conclusions.

Is this really River Bluff Dental's Twitter account?

Kind of hard to believe...


Do Israelis understand why RW Christians "support Israel"?

Huckabee, of course, wants to march them into Armageddon.
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