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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,207

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I just consider one's faith (or lack of it) as a very personal decision.

If you wish to understand her better, you only need to listen while she expresses her beliefs. I would consider questions as intrusive and as an expectation that I have to defend my beliefs. I would resent anyone who would attempt to influence me one way or another.

Only you know your friend and how much she is willing to divulge. I'm not sure how it would affect your friendship to be questioning her about something so personal.

Check out the Beethoven Google Doodle:


Sorry, it won't let me copy and paste.

More at: https://www.google.com/doodles/celebrating-ludwig-van-beethovens-245th-year

There is an interactive game frame, too.

So happy to be back!

We're back home!

We're back!

"We'll Meet Again" --- Johnny Cash

See you all on Sunday night or early Monday.

To Sherman A1, bigwillq and the rest of the Daily Holiday gang, I will miss you! >sniffle<

Thank you, Administrators!

Sounds very exciting! Best of luck on the techie-stuff.

See you all on the other side!

K & R

I am sick of his schtick!

As to the argument that we need to see more rather than less of him, I disagree. His hateful bigotry has been a siren call to the crazies. His speech is incendiary and seems to be influencing an increase in discriminatory actions against Muslims. And MSNBC and CNN are complicit in promoting his message.

I think they will go with the BLM activists.

Trump is a flash-in-the-pan, but BLM has affected lasting social change. JMO

ISIS radio question?


Apparently ISIS has a radio station. (You can google it, if you are curious.) My question is: Can't it be jammed by the US or a European ally? That seems like a fairly easy way to thwart some of their propaganda.

Please excuse if this is posted in the wrong forum. I will be happy to delete or move it. TY

LOL Thanks!

I always heard that being a grandma was the best "job" --- it's true!
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