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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 28,149

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Mmmm.... American Pie!

Time for reflection....

I just retired last month. Here I am.... without a clue as to where I want to go from here. I just know I couldn't stand working anymore.

I never invested much in "other people" so I don't have the same experiences as you with friendships. I had a lot of good acquaintances but not many life-long friends.
Doesn't matter. I always spent more time with family and they have been the center of my life.

I'm a "count your blessings" person and don't dwell much on what could have or should have been.

This has been mentioned before, but I believe in "Thou shalt not kill."

I do not want my tax money to go toward war, execution, or even promoting hunting. Please don't jump on me, hunters. You are free to believe what you want, as am I.

My sincerely held beliefs are rooted in my faith. I don't expect my beliefs to interfere with others' beliefs, though.

I used to get all fired up about issues....

Not so much anymore. Part of it is not giving a crap, part of it is probably a defense mechanism.

I still try to keep informed on important news, but it does take a toll. I realized long ago that maybe one person can make a difference, but I am not that person anymore. Let others take up the banners and fight the good fight. I don't have it in me anymore.

Hmmm.... Guess you are right....

But if corporations are people, are people corporations?

Hell, I will incorporate myself! LOL

I just want to stop paying for wars.

I don't know if the Bible covers that, but "Thou shalt not kill" is my deeply and sincerely held religious belief.

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