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Fresh_Start's Journal
Fresh_Start's Journal
January 10, 2024

Oral argument i wish i had heard

Trumps attorney repeatedly raised the concern that without immunity the president might hesitate to take necessary actions.... Obviously they didn't present any actual situations where that occurred and neither did the prosecution.

What occurs to me is that we have many examples in history including current history when the executive branch feels they have immunity from the consequences of law. And we have clear evidence that it is indeed a dangerous thing for the entire country and the world. We don't need more putins.

I wished the prosecution had talked about the danger of an unconstrained executive branch. And maybe this is obvious to everyone in the hearing...but it isn't obvious to the entire audience

February 5, 2020

Thank you very much Democrats

House Impeachment Managers
Senate Democrats for being united in support of the Constitution and the USA
Nancy Pelosi
all the brave House Democrats who voted for impeachment in spite of unfavorable odds.

I've made donations to the impeachment managers and nancy pelosi victory fund to show my appreciation.

These hard working people have been working on impeachment while their competition has been able to work on primaries and obstruction.

April 27, 2018

With LGBTQ close friends I have opinions though I haven't normally posted here

Let me introduce myself,

I don't like to think about other people's sex lives.
I don't want to know about other people's sex lives
I don't think our government should be involved in other people's sex lives unless their actions include pedophilia or sex trafficking or sex tourism or animal abuse

that being said, I have no problem with reasonable public displays of affection between adults or between adolescences of similar ages.

I want everyone to be treated with respect
I want everyone to be treated equally under the law
I want everyone to mind their own fucking business and stop butting their noses in other people's private lives

so of course I support LGBTQ
so of course I support POC
so of course I support immigrants
so of course I support women
so of course I support religious minorities in our country including atheist and muslims

Missing entry

Missing entry

Missing entry

May 22, 2016

Bernie supporters encouraged to run for office

Standing in front of the fourth district congressional delegate selection committee, Lee Kinch, state party chair, urged Bernie supporters present to consider running for office. He listed off the names of unopposed Republicans and said: “Let’s take your energy to the state house.”

This makes me very happy


May 22, 2016

Trump "All I know is what's on the Internet"

the surreal success of Donald Trump’s candidacy, whose historical tagline may well be “All I know is what’s on the Internet.”

Those were his exact words, a blithe excuse for his mistaken assertion that a protester at one of his rallies had ties to Islamic extremists. He’d seen a video somewhere. He’d chosen to take it at face value. His intelligence wasn’t and isn’t vetted but viral — and conveniently suited to his argument and needs. With a creative or credulous enough Google search, a self-serving “truth” can always be found, along with a passel of supposed experts to vouch for it and a clique of fellow disciples.

pretty good article about the problems in media today...we are constantly presented with views that confirm our own..


May 21, 2016

Instructions for NPP voters in California

if you selected vote by mail you will receive the NPP ballot.
in the materials sent to you will be instructions on how to request the democratic ballot.

Mine says
As a registered No Party Preference Voter, the enclosed ballot has NO presidential races.
The Republican, Green and Peace and Freedom parties have closed their presidential primary. Only party members may vote their ballot. You may change your party for this election by re-registering by May 23rd. Register to vote online at www.registertovote.ca.gov.

You can request a replacement ballot with presidential candidates for the Democratic, American Independent or Libertarian parties by contacting the _______county______ Election Office at phone number or email Voter.Services@vote.__county_________.US.

The California Secretary of State website has the addresses, phone and emails for all counties.

May 20, 2016

happy ending

Then, in a glorious display of solidarity, his entire family came running for him.


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