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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 12:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,324

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the best rebuttal to Ayn Rand is Ayn Rand herself

she used Social Security and Medicare benefits. So think of Atlas Shrugged and whatever as her science fiction...but in her real life, she was another government moocher.

So thats what a GOP policy genius looks like

pretty sad showing for Ryan
but its great that the truth is out there
Is there any way to turn Ryan's weakness against Romney, you know the way Palin's clear lack of cred undermined McCain's reputation?

this was the second political debate my 17 year old watched

he said Biden won by a lot, no contest
he's not a low information voter unfortunately just turned 17 so won't vote in this election but he couldn't understand why so many people thought Biden was a joke.

ryan should have spent more time with the books and less time pumping iron

those biceps didn't really do much at the debate.

if the GOP wants and needs a strong manly figure....

its clear that Biden is the man
mitt, who?

do businesses/corporations get to deduct the cost of their campaign/pac contributions?

if they do, that should be stopped. People can't deduct campaign contributions and since corporations are people, they should either.

if you are in a group where GOP voter ID is trying to destroy votes

make certain that you are still eligible to vote
talk to your peers and get them to vote even if they are disinclined to make up for those who are discriminated against by these policies.
Tell them do it for you aunt, cousin, or friends to make up for the votes the GOP is trying to steal/prevent

Thank you

If Romney calls you for money....

tell him to call the Cayman Islands, you heard that the GOP millionaires all send their money there.

Just like his view of the 47%, Romney doesn't have enough skin in the game

he needs to bring his money back from his overseas tax shelters and invest in his own campaign.

its time for more standardized tests

the news is all around us

we need to have politicians who understand arithmetic, science, and logic
how the hell do we wind up with a presidential candidate who thinks the middle class income is upto $250,000

clearly more standardized testing is needed in order to qualify politicians to run for office
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