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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,295

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any idiot would have given the order

looks like some idiot didn't give the order even though they had the resources

"the Bush administration blew a critical opportunity to capture Bin Laden in 2001. Bin Laden was wounded and on the run, but top Bush national security officials rejected repeated pleas for reinforcements from commanders and intelligence officials fighting the terrorist leader in the caves of Tora Bora, despite the availability of resources...
. Instead, the U.S. command chose to rely on airstrikes and untrained Afghan militias. [...]
Even when his own commanders and senior intelligence officials in Afghanistan and Washington argued for dispatching more U.S. troops, [Commanding Gen. Tommy] Franks refused to deviate from the plan.
The report “removes any lingering doubts and makes it clear that Osama bin Laden was within our grasp at Tora Bora,” but that decisions made by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, his deputies, and other top administration officials allowed Bin Laden to escape."


I'm with her

LTTE New York Times about Vatican crackdown on US nuns.

"How can there ever be too much focus on poverty and economic injustice? And how can the Vatican justly rebuke women busy selflessly carrying out Christ’s work caring for the least of our brethren for being silent on abortion and homosexuality, while for decades bishops were silent about grave sins against the innocent in their care?"


I stand with Patricia Burns of Edgewater New Jersey

The First Lady makes me understand how fortunate we are

to have her in the White House instead of someone like the clueless Ann.

We want a tax code that supports traditional america values

hard work should be rewarded
idle leisure class is a deadweight on the country

Time to have earned income with the lowest tax rate...investment income near highest tax rate...death tax sized to prevent lazy do-nothing heirs from living a life of leisure.

I think Trayvon's family should sue the home owners association

Then I think the homeowners association will be forthcoming about how Zimmerman is not following the rules set up for the neighborhood watch.
Right now the idiots are defending Zimmerman; once its them or Zimmerman, they will return to their roots and defend their own interests.

GOP isn't the Gay Old Party anymore its now the....

Geriatric Ovary Police

As a woman, I need more information before I make important decisions

my top priority is what drugs are in the system of our legislature when they draft and vote on legislation.
I don't want someone with impaired judgment making a bad decision.

my religious beliefs say that infidelity and premarital sex are sins....

I don't want my tax dollars paying for sin.
Therefore, my religious beliefs require all elected officials to wear chastity devices at all times except when they are with their spouses.
And I demand that the officials are inspected every day preferably by a doctor and an engineer to show that 1) they have been chaste and 2) their chastity device is in good working order.

The Catholic Church is not against birth control. It allows you to use ineffective birth control

for family planning purposes. How about being forced to use ineffective medicine instead of being allowed to use the most effective medicine for other purposes. Should you be forced to chew on chamomile if you have a heart condition instead of using an artificial drug?
What is you were only allowed to drink green tea for high blood pressure or use beet juice for liver failure?

Thats the completely ridiculous condition that the Church has created.
Hopefully the American people will eventually see through the BS.

It seems that the GOP is only trying to block women from having sex.

They haven't been concerned about men having sex: no talk about no coverage for erectile disfunction for example.
The only way this makes any sense is that they are okay with men having sex...but since they don't want men to have sex with women (because women shouldn't have sex), then they must be promoting sex with something other than women.
But they don't want men to have sex with men...
so I guess that leaves inanimate objects and other species (beastiality).
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