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Oakland school disowns gun control video made on campus


Oakland school disowns gun control video made on campus

OAKLAND -- A charter school here is distancing itself from a controversial anti-gun video filmed on campus over the summer that shows a student bringing a gun to school and giving it to his teacher.

North Oakland Community Charter School Director Carolyn Gramstorff said the school rented space to San Francisco filmmaker Rejina Sincic but had no idea the content would become so divisive on both sides of the gun control debate...

...The film, called "Stop Gun Violence-PSA", is getting negative comments from all sides of the debate on gun control because it shows a kid bringing a gun to school in his backpack.

"We do not advocate for children to bring guns, real or fake, to school," Gramstorff said when contacted by telephone in Florida on Tuesday.

Protip: encouraging kids to commit multiple felonies *might not* be such a great idea:

Other antigun types are already implying that this video is some sort of
'false-flag' operation:


Despite the relentless attacks, those who share Sincic’s perspective haven’t exactly rushed to her defense. In fact, one of the country’s leading gun control advocacy groups on Tuesday all-but threw her under the bus, suggesting that she may have been hired by right wing activists to stir controversy and anger.

“I smell a rat here,” Ladd Everitt, a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, told Vocativ on Tuesday. “To me, this reeks of something that’s been planted.”

“It’s shocking how this suddenly went viral on right wing media when no one in our movement is promoting this video,” Everitt continued. “I’m actively questioning who this woman is. And I’d like to know who paid for this and why.”

And here we've been told recently here at DU that it's *gun owners* that are paranoid...

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Tue Dec 23, 2014, 11:40 PM (4 replies)

Fox-style homophobia from anti-vaccine Facebook page vactruth.com


December 9 at 11:02am · Edited ·

For the readers who have asked this question,

Do you think vaccinating a child with vaccines, that are made up of endocrine disrupting chemicals, can affect the outcome of a person's sexuality? Homosexuality is found in nature in other species and has occurred in populations long before the advent of vaccines. Some believe vaccines affect sexuality and some don't. It is known that vaccines do disrupt hormonal function and can cause fertility and thyroid problems, so this is a legitimate question some people want to learn more about.

Below is a link discussing what some doctors have to say on the issue but not in relation to vaccination status. Many people are afraid to bring this topic up and write about it. We know this is on some people's minds, so please respectfully share your experience.


Some comments:

Martha Barley A biologist friend of mine was involved in studies where the changed the question a quality of food in animals to see how many generations it took until they were sterile and then improving the diet the generation before that point to get them back to optimum health. The sicker the generations were the more homosexuality showed up. All the studies were destroyed because they were politically incorrect.

Haylee-James Ratliff Never thought about it, but I do believe that vaccines can contaminate nerves, hormones and receptors! Therefore I don't think I could rule it out of possibilities! That would then change MY Opinion that homosexuality was JUST a choice to that it could be an affliction. Neither opinion would be favored by a subject of my opinion and that is why the topic is not discussed.

Fortunately, at least one commenter saw right through this bigoted nonsense:

Kathy Kaufman Weber 2 of the things crazy people fear: vaccines and gay people, all rolled into one (not so) neat theory. if you were actually looking for the truth you wouldn't post such nonsensical questions. there have been gay people for a lot longer than we've been vaccinating, and animals in the wild, who I presume are not vaccinated, can also be gay.

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Thu Dec 18, 2014, 03:20 PM (5 replies)

Stingray Warrentless Wiretap by Chicago PD on Activists

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Sat Dec 6, 2014, 10:48 PM (7 replies)

Activists Say Chicago Police Used ‘Stingray’ Eavesdropping Technology During Protests

Source: CBS Chicago

Activists Say Chicago Police Used ‘Stingray’ Eavesdropping Technology During Protests
December 6, 2014 11:19 AM

(CBS) – Activists who have been protesting in Chicago claim they have proof that police have been using so-called “Stingray” technology to eavesdrop on their phones, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.

The technology essentially puts up a wall between the user’s phone and their provider, forcing phones in the immediate area to send data to the police instead of the nearest cell towers.

Activists have posted pictures online of a city of marked Chicago emergency management vehicle with what looks like radar on top following protestors. Some have reported that when the vehicle is nearby their phones don’t work properly.

The activists think they’ve found proof police are using stingray technology in a radio exchange between officers on the street and headquarters during a recent protest.

Read more: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2014/12/06/activists-say-chicago-police-used-stingray-eavesdropping-technology-during-protests/

The intercepted radio exchange:

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Sat Dec 6, 2014, 10:45 PM (15 replies)
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