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Name: Dave
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gallatin, TN
Home country: USA
Current location: Portland, OR
Member since: Mon Nov 6, 2006, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 5,756

Journal Archives

Much to no real surprise: "Employers play Obamacare blame game"

Shocked I tell you. I'm shocked that employers would use the ACA as an excuse to drop, reduce or limit benefits. Benefits they'd love to drop all together and continue to pay people so little in wages they couldn't afford to buy their own healthcare.

I really hope some investigative journalist or union reps are out there finding out the reality of the situation. Employees don't have time to do research on what their employers tell them so they're left to believe it's the ACA and not robber barons who are dropping their benefits.


FOX News Blocks Fire Hydrant at 5-alarm Church Fire. Anyone Surprised?

link to page w/ photo above: http://intending_acceleration.kinja.com/fox-news-van-crew-parks-blocking-fire-hydrant-in-front-1178600698

link to Boston Globe story allegedly about the same event: http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/08/21/three-alarm-fire-strikes-building-boston/OGSGC1wQVAf2syDCB7L7UP/story.html

I can't say these two are from the same event for certain. But it wouldn't surprise me.

Why was Snowden's information such a revelation to everyone, well, almost everyone?

Didn't anyone else notice how Al Qaeda is smart enough to read the Manning/Wikileaks docs off the web so Manning was alleged to have aided the enemy. BUT, apparently they're too stupid to do a Google search and find the myriad of ways that the US can snoop on them. So Snowden is a terrible traitor because he divulged something any idiot with a computer and internet capability could find broad information about and then make the not-too-large leaps about how to avoid US surveillance. Especially the people who have reason to be paranoid.

It's pretty common knowledge that you shouldn't take a cell phone anywhere you don't want to be tracked. The practice of screening cars, rooms, buildings for bugs and erecting a Faraday cage to prevent transmissions of signals has been around for a while. The fact the NSA has been routing all the traffic they can get through their servers has been known since the Bush/Cheney post-911 dystopia began and the FISA amendments were passed.

Frankly, I don't understand why the Snowden thing has been such a revelation to everyone. Certainly not to any foreign government. Certainly not to any parties that had reason to be suspicious about whether or not the US was spying on them. If all foreign governments weren't already operating under the assumption the US is monitoring them any way possible then they are downright stupid. That would be willful ignorance.

The US government routinely lies to us and our congressional representatives. We know that. It is a fact.

On edit: Silly me. I forgot. Of course the British, the Germans and others knew. They were participating. The real crime in the eyes of the government is now the "sheeple" know and it's not going away after one news cycle.

CNN says "Centrist" Republican Chirs Christie signed law outlawing conversion therapy.

New Jersey to outlaw gay conversion therapy for minors


Centrist my ass!!! Apparently CNN has forgotten that Christie has, otherwise, practiced the same policies as other right-wing GOP governors. Including vetoing a raise in the minimum wage and same-sex marriage while governor of NJ.

Just as nice round-up of his views: http://www.ontheissues.org/Chris_Christie.htm

Sure sounds like every other GOP candidate to me. He just plays centrist and nice on TV. The MSM loves him as one can tell from CNN's phrasing, they're already in the bag for him.

This Guy Needs to Work w/ Herman Cain and EW Jackson.

With friends like this guy who needs the GOP? So basically this asshole wants to continue to allow Wal-Mart to force people into substandard paying jobs where they still have to use public assistance to make up the difference. And the moralizing about choices of when to start a family and so on make me want to wretch.

No D.C. Bargain for Wal-Mart
Over the past few weeks, the D.C. City Council has been in the news quite a bit, though but for all the wrong reasons. They recently passed a law that would prevent thousands, yes you heard me right, thousands of jobs from being created within their city.


At issue is the “Large Retailer Accountability Act,” introduced by council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D). The bill would require large retailers, defined as businesses operating an indoor store of at least 75,000 square feet and whose corporate parent has sales of at least $ 1 billion—to pay wages no lower than $12.50 per hour plus benefits. They call this a “living wage” and it would be indexed to the local consumer price index every year. (Note: The Federal minimum wage is $ 7.25/hour but D.C. has tacked on an additional $ 1, so in D.C. the minimum wage is $ 8.25/hour. This is almost a 40 percent premium that the council wants to subject job creators to.)


The only reason a person opens a business is to make a profit. Period. Not to pay a “livable wage,” but to make a profit. You not being able to raise your family on the wages your employer is paying is not their issue. Before one starts a family, one must be able to financially afford a family.

link: http://www.blackpressusa.com/no-d-c-bargain-for-wal-mart/

"Lesbian May Be Forced to Testify Against Wife" This ought to be interesting.

Where the Prop 8 Case failed to make sweeping changes this case could bring those changes about. This has the twist that the women involved have a legally recognized civil union from another state. KY has an amendment or law that refuses to recognize those from other states and forbids them in KY. To my untrained legal mind this is a lot more like Loving v Virginia that invalidated bans on inter-racial marriages than any other case has been. The state will have a high hill to climb to prove there is any compelling state interest in banning civil unions and, subsequently, same-sex marriages after the DOMA decision. Just my opinion and hope.

From ABC News:

Lesbian May Be Forced to Testify Against Wife

The murder trial of a Kentucky woman could become an important gay rights case after the woman's partner in a civil union was asked to testify at the murder trial.

The case of Bobbie Jo Clary, who is accused of murdering a man in Louisville in 2011, has turned into an argument over discrimination and rights after Kentucky prosecutors subpoened Clary's partner.

Prosecutors say Clary used a hammer to beat and kill George Murphy, 64, at his home in October 2011, and claim that she shared details of the murder with her partner, Geneva Case, according to ABC News affiliate WHAS.

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