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Member since: Wed Nov 8, 2006, 10:27 PM
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Aussie supporter of American Democrats

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The Hollow Courage of Bill Maher

by Luke Savage

Throughout his career, Bill Maher has delighted in scolding the powerless.

Which longtime member of America’s pundit class once equated Islam with cancer? Had to apologize for comparing dogs to “retarded children”? Mused about the need for Arab men to become “civilized”? Was publicly alarmed at the rising popularity of the name Mohammad? Casually joked about a woman being throttled before calling her a bitch?

While the smart money might be on any number of bloviating right-wing vulgarians, the answer is someone of a much more liberal persuasion, aligned not with the likes of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon but with Barack Obama and the Democratic Party; given a platform not by Fox News, but rather Comedy Central, HBO, and ABC.


is Julian Assange being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin?

interestingTwitter thread by someone who I believe is credible- laying out how Putin may have blackmailed Julian Assange into becoming an assert.

# I was a great supporter of Julian Assange (on here) but the last 2 years I have come to see him as an inherently evil character.

Almost every credible journalist who has worked with Assange like Nick Davies who exposed Britain's Hacking Scandal has ended up despising him and describe him as a bully, a misogynist and a terrible liar who is reveling in his fame.
Some like the highly respected John Pilger have damaged their careers by promoting Assange's falsehood that the "Establishment" would never let Trump win the election.

Everyone who worked on Wikileaks has now left because of him. Who is running Wikileaks now? A bunch of Russian kids? They sound like it at times.

One thing few people pick up on is that Assange was brought up in a bizarre Cult in Australia called The Family run by a incredibly evil woman named Anne Hamilton-Byrne and all the children were forced to have their hair died blonde and dress identically. The Cult was riddled with child abuse of all kinds : sexual. physical. mental and by neglect.

Importantly: those who eventually escaped The Family have spoken up about how evil The Family was except : Julian Assange who has never criticized The Family or Hamilton-Byrne even now that all the children have been removed by the police.


Adam Khan
Majordomo. Exposing Trump https://www.gofundme.com/TrumpRussia Author @HACKtheBIRD


On the Milo Bus With the Lost Boys of Americas New Right

What happens when a movement of gamers recognizes they’re not players, but pawns?
By Laurie Penny

Have you heard the one about the boy who cried Fake News?

This is a story about truth and consequences. It’s a story about who gets to be young and dumb, and who gets held accountable. It’s also a story about how the new right exploits young men — how it preys not on their bodies, but on their emotions, on their hurts and hopes and anger and anxiety, their desperate need to be part of a big ugly boys’ own adventure.

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