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Liberal_in_LA's Journal
Liberal_in_LA's Journal
November 5, 2015

Cops shoot six year old five times and kill him in pursuit of his father, trying to serve warrant.

authorities said a 6-year-old child was shot five times and killed, his father was critically injured, after a police pursuit and shooting Tuesday night. The child, Jeremy Mardis, was sitting in the front passenger seat of a vehicle when the situation unfolded.

Louisiana State Police reported it happened in Marksville, LA around 9:30 p.m.

Dr. L.J. Mayeux, coroner of Avoyelles Parish says the father of the victim, Chris Few, had warrants out for his arrest. Ward 2 City Marshal deputies spotted Few's vehicle on Washington Street. Instead of pulling over, Few led deputies on a chase through Marksville, finally turning down Martin Luther King Dr., which is a dead end street.

Mayeux says Few backed into the marshal's vehicle several times and would not come out. That is when a gun battle ensued between the marshals and Few.

Read more: http://www.fox10tv.com/story/30434913/autistic-6-year-old-shot-5-times-killed-during-police-pursuit#ixzz3qcjJCjN3

November 5, 2015

white Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw accused of raping multiple black women, gets all white jury

Many women reported that he forced them into his squad car and drove them to strange places, fields, empty lots, driveways. The GPS data backed up each claim. Other women reported that he insisted on taking them to their home and actually raped them inside of their home. Yet more women reported that Daniel Holtzclaw came back to their homes on multiple occasions to assault and intimidate them. GPS data obtained from his vehicle backed up those claims as well.

Holtzclaw has been charged with 36 crimes including first-degree rape, sexual assault, indecent exposure, stalking, burglary and more.

One of the women who have accused former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw of sexual assault is pictured in silhouette from February.
On Tuesday, the final jury was selected and many in the community where the victims come from hoped that it would have some degree of diversity on it. Unsurprisingly it did not.

Every eligible African-American juror was removed from consideration and the final jury selection was composed of eight white men and four white women. Not one black woman even made it into the final larger pool of jurors. Three black men made it into that pool, but were each removed. Not even the alternate jurors were black.


November 5, 2015

Small town invents new source of funds: overwhelm black homeowners with fines, avg 2 per household

A public interest law firm is suing in federal court in St. Louis to stop Pagedale from incessantly ticketing residents for things such as high grass, mismatched curtains and sagging pants — a lawsuit spurred by a Post-Dispatch article that highlighted the city’s practices.

The civil rights suit, filed on Wednesday by the Institute for Justice’s office in Washington state, is seeking class action status. The lead plaintiffs are Valarie Whitner and Vincent Blount, who were featured in the newspaper article after facing an onslaught of violation notices from the city for minor housing code offenses at their home on St. Charles Rock Road.

When Whitner and Blount couldn’t keep up with the repairs and fines, Pagedale officials threatened to demolish their home of nearly 20 years, while acknowledging it presented no public safety threat and was merely a nuisance.


Thotably, Pagedale has focused its enforcement efforts on the types of code violations that are not regulated by the municipal court reform measure passed to rein in abusive ticketing. The newspaper found that the city had issued 2,255 citations for these types of nontraffic offenses last year — or nearly two per household. That’s a nearly 500 percent increase from five years ago, according to an analysis of state court data.

Residents can be ticketed for a long list of “violations” that anywhere else are considered life’s small pleasures — barbecuing in the front yard, for example, or having a beer within 150 feet of the grill.




last year, the lawsuit said, 2,255 non-traffic tickets were doled out under the municipal code that authorizes citations for such things as having mismatched curtains, walking on the left side of a crosswalk, wearing saggy pants, having holes in window screens and having a barbecue in front of a house, according to the lawsuit.

"This case demonstrates that property rights are fundamentally civil rights," said William Mauer, the law firm's senior attorney and the plantiffs' lead counsel. "Pagedale treats its residents like walking, talking ATMs, making withdrawals by issuing tickets for ridiculous things that no city has a right to dictate."
An Associated Press message seeking comment from Pagedale Mayor Mary Louise Carter was not immediately returned.

The lawsuit comes four months after Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed into law a measure that limits cities' ability to profit from traffic tickets and court fines. That marked the first significant step taken by state lawmakers to address concerns raised after the August 2014 police shooting in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown, who was black, was unarmed when he was shot to death by white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson during a confrontation in a street.


November 4, 2015

Police officer's death was a carefully staged suicide. Hero is now considered a criminal

(CNN)Initially hailed as a hero after his death, Fox Lake, Illinois, police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz is now likely to be remembered by another label: a betrayer.

What once appeared to be the killing of an officer in the line of duty turned out to be "a carefully staged suicide," George Filenko, Lake County Major Crimes Task Force commander, said Wednesday.

"This staged suicide was the end result of extensive criminal acts that Gliniewicz had been committing," Filenko said, announcing the conclusions of the investigation into the officer's September 1 death.

The officer had been stealing and laundering money from a police department program that mentored young people hoping to become law enforcement officers, Filenko said. Gliniewicz, a leader in that program, had been stealing money for at least seven years, he said.

The investigation found that the officer, who had experience creating mock crime scenes, staged his suicide to make it look like a homicide.

November 4, 2015

Terminally-ill 'Star Wars' fan wants to see 'The Force Awakens' before he dies

Terminally-ill 'Star Wars' fan wants to see 'The Force Awakens' before he dies

A Houston-area man’s last wish before he passes away is to see the upcoming Star Wars film.

Now, a social media campaign is ramping up to make that happen with some prominent figures from the series chiming in to help.

According to various media reports, terminally-ill film fan Daniel Fleetwood, 32, of Spring would love to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” before the Dec. 18 release dat

Stars of the film like Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew, and John Boyega have all gone to bat on social media for Fleetwood in the hopes of swaying director J.J. Abrams into presenting the ill man the picture before millions of rabid fans across the planet see it.

Fans can support Fleetwood by using the #ForceForDaniel hashtag on Twitter.

November 3, 2015

Homeless Women Often Can't Afford Bras. So This Advocate Donated Over 1,000 Of Them

Homeless Women Often Can't Afford Bras. So This Advocate Donated Over 1,000 Of Them

Homeless shelters often get loads of clothing donations, but nowhere near enough undergarments, which leaves women in need without bras and feeling uncomfortable, ashamed and undignified.

“There’s still a stigma around periods and bras. It’s taboo and sexualized,” Dana Marlowe, an advocate for homeless women, told The Huffington Post. “Bras are so essential for women: for health, self-esteem, employment and more.”

After losing a significant amount of weight recently, Marlowe, a principal partner at a consulting firm, was excited to purchase new clothes, but was despondent about the amount of money she’d have to spend on new bras. And when Marlowe learned that women in need often go completely without undergarments because they can’t afford them and they don’t typically get donated, she launched a collection drive this past summer.

Those efforts paid off this week when Marlowe dropped off more than 1,000 bras to Thrive DC, a Washington, D.C., group that works to prevent and end homelessness.

“I lamented the cost of new ones and the good quality of my existing, now ill-fitting bras,” Marlowe said. “Then it clicked, here I was, a woman with a comfortable lifestyle, complaining.”


November 3, 2015

Jeb's Florida poll numbers are unprecedentedly bad

Jeb Bush’s poll numbers in Florida are unprecedentedly bad

On cue, the Bay News 9/News 13 Florida Decides Poll was released — and it found Bush in a staggeringly weak position back home. Bush won the support of only 7 percent of Florida GOP primary voters in the automated SurveyUSA poll of a state where he had won two elections and narrowly lost a third. He was 30 points behind front-runner Donald Trump (also a Florida resident, part-time). He had less than half the support of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). In almost every demographic breakdown, he staggered into fifth place. His best demographic? Non-Cuban Hispanic voters. Donald Trump was their first choice; Jeb Bush was their third.

Miller's warnings aside, it is exceedingly rare for a home-state favorite to fall so low. You can split hairs and point out that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) polls badly in his home state, or that former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley is polling third in the state he ran until this year.

But a candidate of Bush's stature — an establishment favorite, the race's fundraising leader — rarely bombs like this. In 2012, there were very few polls of the Massachusetts presidential primary, but former governor Mitt Romney led them by an average of 46 points. In 2008, even before he won the Iowa caucuses (i.e. in the period when then-New York Sen. Hillary Clinton was the national poll leader), then-Sen. Barack Obama always held leads in Illinois.

November 3, 2015

Creepy clown will reform your misbehaving kids


For a few hundred bucks cash, he told The Washington Post, he’ll make an appearance at your party or gathering, prank your friend or even scare your misbehaving kid straight, as he was recently hired to do by one mother looking for a way to reform her trouble-making 12-year-old.

“He was scared of clowns and I showed up across the street from him at the bus stop and he just started crying in front of his friends and ran home,” Wrinkles told The Post, somewhat remorsefully, in his heavy New England accent. “His mother called back a few days later and said ‘Thank you!’ Now when he acts bad, she just has to ask him: ‘Do you want Wrinkles to come back?’ ”

November 3, 2015

trump accuses Rubio of being Ďa disaster with his credit cardsí

As Marco Rubio has slowly gained traction in early polls, especially after his well-received debate performance last week, Donald Trump has ratcheted up his criticism of the senator from Florida. On Tuesday, Trump called Rubio "overrated" and raised questions about the senator's personal finances.

"All you have to do is look at his credit card — I mean, he's a disaster with his credit cards," Trump said during a news conference on Tuesday morning at Trump Tower. "For years I've been hearing that his credit cards are a disaster.... He certainly lives above his means, there's no question about that."

rubio made $174,000 as a U.S. senator last year, in addition to more than $50,000 in book royalties, a university teaching position and a rental property. Yet, that same year, he cashed out nearly $70,000 in retirement funds. Rubio, 44, the son of a bartender and a maid, has defended himself against accusations that he is reckless with money, saying that he had to take out loans to pay for school and is now raising a young family.


November 3, 2015

Fight over fried chicken turns fatal

A roommates' fight over fried chicken turned deadly Friday night in a west Houston apartment, police said.

Houston police found a man later identified as Darwin Perez Gonzalez, 34, lying dead around 11:30 p.m. outside near the entrance to the Monte Carlo Apartment Homes on Lakewood Estates Drive.

Several witnesses saw the fight, which started between Gonzales and roommate Reinaldo Cardoso Rivera, 38, over the last piece of homemade fried chicken, a drumstick. They went outside to fight over the chicken, and that's when Rivera allegedly stabbed Gonzalez with a steak knife.


Comment following story

The fight over the drumstick was probably just the inciting incident after a long build up. Too many people sharing a small space can lead to an explosion of violence. Welcome to housing in the 21st century.

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