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live love laugh

live love laugh's Journal
live love laugh's Journal
January 30, 2020

Political brinksmanship

Dershowitz argues Trump’s able to do virtually anything...

McConnell calls no witnesses and admits no evidence in a trial...

Roberts steals the 2000 presidency...

Voter suppression ... currently a quarter million removals already in preparation for November.

We have failed each of their challenges to see just how much they could get away with. They are ruthless. They cannot be compromised with. You cannot play nice with them. You cannot sit back and “accept” their unfairness. Because they have taken the best and brightest and they will go for the least of us as well. Their trophy wall has Hillary’s and Gore’s heads hanging on it.

I really do have to give them props for relentlessness and focus —they’ve used it to bring America to the current brink of Constitutional collapse. And WE have done NOTHING to stop them.

And now we will look ahead hopefully (foolishly) to November while they and their judges are systematically disenfranchising voters.

Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing and expecting different results.

January 28, 2020

Why is the only witness being considered a known RepubLIEcon

warmonger who, in 2017, earned $569,000 from Fox News?

The whole situation is too convenient—like Dean “scream” convenient; or the 50/50 election results convenient. Events repeatedly favoring one of two parties that defy statistical odds. Why? Because Bolton’s literally selling his possible testimony publicly speaking out now that the trial is in the Senate. Is Bolton offering a convenient chance for Republicans to appear to save face by allowing one of their own to testify? The media is certainly pushing Bolton’s case.

We seem to savor every morsel the RepubLIEclowns 🤡 throw out. A Fox host actually tells the truth one out of 365 days? Yes!!!

I think we should take a step back and ask: IF Bolton’s testimony is admitted will other key witness testimony be allowed (witnesses that WE want not ones served up to us.)


The Devil’s Advocate

January 27, 2020

A funny I had to share

From a FB media message board a Lynette Graham commented:

“I will never believe rump used the word pike. That would require a somewhat Sophisticated use of the English language. He probably said their heads would be on a sharp pointy thing.”


January 27, 2020

Sensing a trend

They announce that they are going to require all testimony within two 12-hour shifts. Then they make it three 8-hour shifts... still ridiculously restrictive but there’s relief that they “conceded.”

They announce that they are calling no witnesses and have basically already decided the trial outcome. Now they’re floating the idea of witnesses — at least one or two. If they “concede” many will be relieved at basically getting crumbs from the likes of potential key witness Bolton—a wild card warmonger leaving many other witnesses on the sidelines.

Any concessions are in appearance only. A sham is a sham.

January 21, 2020

Multi million $$$ unelected lawyers in the Senate

... is the demolition complete yet? 🤮

January 16, 2020

Facebook bias

Sooo I am a social media political warrior. I frequent media sites and post lots of facts that aren’t widespread that I “mine” here. It makes me feel like I am doing something.

It’s a testament to overall Republican-owned broadcast media censorship and mind boggling that three years in and not a single broadcast media outlet has addressed Melania’s 👽nudity or gay porn. It’s readily available on Google.

In my “battles” I have posted 👽 pics (which have pasties on strategic parts) for holier-than-thou MAGAts. The posts were alerted on FB and I was warned about standards. Even in DU I believe that posting 👽 pics would result in some administrative action.

So the point is the irony of rules that allegedly “protect” people from exposure to vile content doubly protect the subjects of the vile. When such content is of a public figure of the stature of Melania 👽 people should know.

The Republican owned media made Michelle Obama’s arms a travesty should not get away with hiding Melania Trump’s exponentially worse portfolio. If you can paste pics of a ring on a dismembered hand or a bloody corpse on a fence then you should damned well be able to post the porno of the “first” porn star.

Additionally I have recently seen pics “cartoons” circulating on FB of Schiff fellating Trump. I know that this is gross but it’s relative to the topic in that I alerted FB 5 TIMES about such content from one post they did not take the pic down.

I know that I can get off FB. I know many here never use it. That’s a given. The whole point is the biases...knowing what they are — although it’s been obvious for a while... the extent is jaw dropping.

January 4, 2020

Were Gore and Hillary elected astrologically

I don’t have the data to chart their election events but I’m curious if chart predictions showed them “winning” because both actually did.

That being said, I wonder whether charted predictions of Trump not being re-elected show him prevailing anyway.

IOW ... Can a chart show the likelihood of one event but then something else happens?

Also should the US chart be looked at for political outcomes instead of candidates’ charts?

...asking for a friend 😁

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