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Honeycombe8's Journal
Honeycombe8's Journal
November 30, 2018

Donny Deutsche on MSNBC said Trump's been owned by the Russians since the '90s.

Donny Deutsche is a friend of Cohens and has been speaking w/him throughout Cohen's legal troubles. About Cohen's statements in court today, he said that Cohen feels proud and relieved. He feels better being on the "right" side and talking straight.

But the most interesting thing he said is that in the 1990s, Trump was in serious financial trouble. Then all of a sudden Trump's luxury suites at his properties were filled with rich Russians, and Trump's finances improved. Deutsche said that Trump has been owned by the Russians ever since then.

He also said that all of this that's been going on, all of it, is about the money. It's "just business." That's what all of this is about.

Remember the statement by Deep Throat in the movie All the President's Men? He told Woodward (Robert Redford) to "follow the money." Seems that history is holding true.

And look who Rosenstein appointed as Special Counsel. Mueller, who soon hired an expert on following money around the world: Andrew Weissmann.

Weissman: Headed up the Enron Task Force 2002-2005, leading to prosecutions of 34 people, incl. Chairman Kenneth Lay & CEO Jeff Skilling. He spent 15 years as a federal prosecutor in the eastern district of New York, where he specialized in prosecuting mafia members and bosses from the Colombo, Gambino, and Genovese families. He's an expert at following the money. "Who knows what they will find, but if there is something to be found, he will find it," Emily Pierce, a former DOJ spokeswoman under the Obama administration, told Politico." He's an expert in fraud and foreign bribery.

Mueller added another experit in foreign bribery in August 2018: Greg Andres. Oversaw prosecution of Texas financier who ran an $8 Billion Dollar Ponzi scheme. He has prosecuted organized crime, incl. several members of the Bonanno. He's also worked on white collar crime defense.

Wow. Mueller has others with experience on money laundering, white collar crimes, and even terrorism. Whatever has gone on with the Trump team, these guys are well equipped to find it. And now, with the help coming in January from the House, as backup, it seems like we may get to the bottom of things.

November 28, 2018

CA co. Broadcom is laying off 119 employees in January. Layoffs will be permanent.

Broadcom Inc. is laying off nearly 119 Silicon Valley employees following its recent $18 billion acquisition of CA Technologies.

San Jose-based Broadcom is making the cuts at CA Technologies' Santa Clara campus at 3965 Freedom Circle starting Jan. 8, according to filings with the state signed by Broadcom's president of human resources, Debbie Streeter. The company said it plans to keep the building.


November 28, 2018

Trump's life expectancy and health

In looking up life expectancies for Social Security, for funsies I looked up Trump's. He was born in 1946 and is obese. The LE for male born in 1946 is about 73. Being morbidly obese would decrease that by maybe 8 years, I read. But let's say he wasn't this obese a few years ago. If you take off 5 for being obese, that's 68. He's 72. BUT, genetics being a strong influence, it matters that his father lived to 95 (that's very long for someone born in 1905), and his mother lived to 88 (again, longer lifespan than avg for someone born in 1912).

I just thought it was interesting. A President's health is of concern when they get past 70 years old. It was with Reagan. I think Trump is possibly diabetic. Remember that press statement he made not long ago where he slurred his words so much that people were suspecting he was on medication or something? Low blood sugar can cause you to slur your words. Coupled with his obesity, and the fact that he doesn't seem to eat a healthy diet, I think could mean he may be diabetic. (I don't think diabetes makes you sniff, though, the way he sniffs.) He does get activity through golfing, though.

November 28, 2018

No matter what we're going thru now, at least we don't have to deal w/Obama's scandals anymore.

The tan suit. OMG, the tan suit. You can tell by Peter King's angry expression what he thought the tan suit meant, when he expressed on CNN the seriousness of the scandal. There were over 30,000 tweets the day that Obama wore the tan suit.

Another big one was when Obama commented in Iowa farm country on the price of a clearly elitist food called arugula. It made the national news.

Remarking on falling crop prices, Obama asked, “Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula? I mean, they’re charging a lot of money for this stuff.”

Arugula-gate, as it inevitably came to be called, was immediately deemed a gaffe—a sign that Obama was an out-of-touch elitist. (The New York Times noted that there wasn’t a Whole Foods in all of Iowa.) And throughout the rest of the campaign, the candidate’s taste in food would often be used as a class-signifying cudgel against him.


And I guess we all remember the nightmare nights, after Obama put Dijon mustard on his burger. Laura Ingraham said, "What kind of man orders his cheeseburger not with ketchup, but with Dijon mustard?"

Thank goodness those scandalous days are over. One scandal after another. It was exhausting.

November 13, 2018

Current Full List of U S House Democratic Flips (37) (and Senate Flips)

UPDATE 2 to House List:

37. NJ 3rd: Democrat Andy Kim (former Obama aide) beats Republican McArthur

UPDATE to House List: Add to the list:

36. CA 10: Democrat Josh Harder defeats the Republican Denham.

Axios says the Democrats have flipped 35 House seats so far.

Axios says the Repubs have flipped 3 Senate seats, but the Democrats have flipped TWO! For a net gain of one for the Repubs.


November 10, 2018

What's driving rabid Trumpers nuts after the election?

My father and stepmother, rabid hate-mongering Trumpers, are going apesh*t over Cortez ("that socialist" AND she's a woman!), and are beside themselves over the (gasp!) Muslims that were elected. And all those females!

Kind of amusing. Feels good after the last two years.

November 7, 2018

So the Trump plan may be to kill the Mueller investigation before Dems take control

of the House.

I hope Mueller's ready. Because he may be about to be shut down, either directly or indirectly. And any report hidden.

November 7, 2018

I fully support Stacey Abrams' insistence on counting all the votes.

There is less than 100,000 votes difference. All the absentee and provisional votes aren't counted. And there was fraud going on...I think there's a lawsuit still on file about it. She's hoping for a runoff, which I fully support at this time.

I'm sure she's discouraged and dirt tired. I commend her for her grit and energy in going the distance. She's amazing.

Sad that Gillum conceded, since there is also less than 100,000 votes difference, and that's a huge state. Maybe that will change...do they still count all the votes, even though one has conceded?

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