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Gender: Male
Hometown: Chicago
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Fri May 4, 2007, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 5,532

Journal Archives

Anonymous Group Reveals Direct Phone Numbers For White House Staff

Time to start dialing, especially since the WH comment line is gone!


The group that collected the numbers intentionally excluded any they believed had a role in national security, because they said they wanted to avoid disrupting them and keep the focus on transparency and domestic accountability. A solid chunk of the numbers were disconnected, probably during the Obama-to-Trump transition, but it's possible they'll be put back in use if Trump ever gets around to hiring White House staffers. We've been calling the numbers on the list and have found a few fun ones—somewhere in there you'll get a voice mailbox belonging to one "Conway, Kellyanne." See if you can leave her a message before it's disconnected.

Here are the ones that work, so far:

+1 (202) 456-1259
+1 (202) 456-1260
+1 (202) 456-3323
+1 (202) 456-3376
+1 (202) 395-1194
+1 (202) 456-1565
+1 (202) 395-1608
+1 (202) 456-2046
+1 (202) 456-2500
+1 (202) 456-4640
+1 (202) 456-3256
+1 (202) 456-3878
+1 (202) 395-1480
+1 (202) 456-3450
+1 (202) 456-4655
+1 (202) 456-4770

Protect access to reproductive health care in Illinois. ACLU Action Alert

Please consider reaching out to your Illinois State Rep via this link-

Text of the e-mail that ACLU will send on your behalf-
As a constituent concerned with threats to reproductive health care access, I write to urge you to support a measure that will reaffirm the State of Illinois' commitment to ensuring access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, for all women in the state.

Please support House Bill 40 when it comes up for a vote.

House Bill 40 repeals a dangerous "trigger" provision in the Illinois abortion law and affirms that Illinois has no intention of every going back to the pre-Roe days of illegal abortion. When Illinois passed the Illinois Abortion Law in 1975, it included what is known as a "trigger" provision, which states that if the U.S. Supreme Court ever overturns or modifies Roe v. Wade, Illinois will automatically turn back the clock to its pre-Roe law. By removing this provision, women's health care will be protected in Illinois, regardless of what happens to the Supreme Court in a Trump administration. There is simply too much risk in keeping the "trigger" language in our statute.

HB 40 also removes discriminatory provisions from Illinois law that deny insurance coverage of abortion to many women who depend on Medicaid and State Employee Health Insurance. Every woman, regardless of whether she has private or government-funded health insurance, should have affordable and comprehensive health coverage including coverage for abortion care.

When it comes to the most important decisions in life, like whether to become a parent, it is vital that a woman is able to consider all the options available to her. It is not up to lawmakers to interfere with her decision by withholding coverage. HB 40 is common sense policy that supports a woman's personal health care decisions.

Like Pink Floyd? Dislike Trump? Yer gonna luv this! Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Roger Waters - "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" - Mexico City posted on social media on Drumpfs Inauguration Day!

How 'bout we collaborate on a WhiteHouse.gov petition re: Interstate Crosscheck.

Here's my thought on a first draft-

Determine the extent to which “Interstate Crosscheck” improperly disenfranchised voters, by establishing a fully-funded, open-ended, non-partisan congressional investigative committee (4 Democrats/4 Republicans – Chaired by Independent Bernie Sanders) with subpoena power to investigate and publish the policies, procedures, datasets, workpapers, and purge lists.

Maybe we kick this around, refine the text and get a volunteer to submit it?

ALTERNATIVE FACTS 😼 Randy Rainbow Song Parody (ft. Kellyanne Conway)


Puzzled by the bizarre "press conference" put on by the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer?

From an anonymous online rando, this is spot on!


If you are puzzled by the bizarre "press conference" put on by the White House press secretary this evening (angrily claiming that Trump's inauguration had the largest audience in history, accusing them of faking photos and lying about attendance), let me help explain it. This spectacle served three purposes:

1. Establishing a norm with the press: they will be told things that are obviously wrong and they will have no opportunity to ask questions. That way, they will be grateful if they get anything more at any press conference. This is the PR equivalent of "negging," the odious pick-up practice of a particular kind of horrible person (e.g., Donald Trump).

2. Increasing the separation between Trump's base (1/3 of the population) from everybody else (the remaining 2/3). By being told something that is obviously wrong—that there is no evidence for and all evidence against, that anybody with eyes can see is wrong—they are forced to pick whether they are going to believe Trump or their lying eyes. The gamble here—likely to pay off—is that they will believe Trump. This means that they will regard media outlets that report the truth as "fake news" (because otherwise they'd be forced to confront their cognitive dissonance.)

3. Creating a sense of uncertainty about whether facts are knowable, among a certain chunk of the population (which is a taking a page from the Kremlin, for whom this is their preferred disinformation tactic). A third of the population will say "clearly the White House is lying," a third will say "if Trump says it, it must be true," and the remaining third will say "gosh, I guess this is unknowable." The idea isn't to convince these people of untrue things, it's to fatigue them, so that they will stay out of the political process entirely, regarding the truth as just too difficult to determine.

This is laying important groundwork for the months ahead. If Trump's White House is willing to lie about something as obviously, unquestionably fake as this, just imagine what else they'll lie about. In particular, things that the public cannot possibly verify the truth of. It's gonna get real bad.

Strugglilng to make sense of Trump's authoritarian shit show?

This is an important work on the subject, and it's free!

Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians


The feedback I’ve gotten from those who have read The Authoritarians enables me to give you the major reason why you might want to do so too. “It ties things together for me,” people have said, “You can see how so many things all fit together.” “It explains the things about conservatives that didn’t make any sense to me,” others have commented. And the one that always brings a smile to my face, “Now at last I understand my brother-in-law” (or grandmother, uncle, woman in my car pool, Congressman, etc.).

Maybe it’ll work that way for you too.

Bob Altemeyer
May, 2010

OK, what’s this book about? It’s about what’s happened to the American government lately. It’s about the disastrous decisions that government has made. It’s about the corruption that rotted the Congress. It’s about how traditional conservatism has nearly been destroyed by authoritarianism. It’s about how the “Religious Right” teamed up with amoral authoritarian leaders to push its un-democratic agenda onto the country. It’s about the United States standing at the crossroads as the next federal election approaches.

“Well,” you might be thinking, “I don’t believe any of this is true.” Or maybe, you’re thinking, “What else is new? I’ve believed this for years.” Why should a conservative, moderate, or liberal bother with this book? Why should any Republican, Independent, or Democrat click the “Whole Book” link on this page?

Because if you do, you’ll begin an easy-ride journey through some very relevant scientific studies I have done on authoritarian personalities--one that will take you a heck of a lot less time than the decades it took me. Those studies have a direct bearing on all the topics mentioned above. So if you think the first paragraph is a lot of hokum, or full of half-truths, I invite you to look at the research.

For example, take the following statement: “Once our government leaders and the authorities condemn the dangerous elements in our society, it will be the duty of every patriotic citizen to help stomp out the rot that is poisoning our country from within.” Sounds like something Hitler would say, right? Want to guess how many politicians, how many lawmakers in the United States agreed with it? Want to guess what they had in common?

Or how about a government program that persecutes political parties, or minorities, or journalists the authorities do not like, by putting them in jail, even torturing and killing them. Nobody would approve of that, right? Guess again.

Don’t think for a minute this doesn’t concern you personally. Let me ask you, as we’re passing the time here, how many ordinary people do you think an evil authority would have to order to kill you before he found someone who would, unjustly, out of sheer obedience, just because the authority said to? What sort of person is most likely to follow such an order? What kind of official is most likely to give that order, if it suited his purposes? Look at what experiments tell us, as I did.

If, on the other hand, you’re way ahead of me, and believe the extreme right-wing elements in America are poised to take it over, permanently, I think you can still get a lot from this book. The studies explain so much about these people. Yes, the research shows they are very aggressive, but why are they so hostile? Yes, experiments show they are almost totally uninfluenced by reasoning and evidence, but why are they so dogmatic? Yes, studies show the Religious Right has more than its fair share of hypocrites, from top to bottom; but why are they two-faced, and how come one face never notices the other? Yes, their leaders can give the flimsiest of excuses and even outright lies about things they’ve done wrong, but why do the rank and file believe them? What happens when authoritarian followers find the authoritarian leaders they crave and start marching together?

I think you’ll find this book “explains a lot.” Many scattered impressions about the enemies of freedom and equality become solidified by science and coherently connected here.

You think I’m pulling your leg? Click the link.

(Another) Crucial Question Trump Refuses to Answer

Over the summer, we learned that Trump's Secret Service code name is "Mogul".

Anyone care to suggest a post-inaugural code name update?

Orange Hitler?


A golden opportunity for Trump to rebrand.

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