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The Gleaner (Jamaica) slams Hillary:"Identity politics is all, broadly, that's 'left'" of Democratic



Bill Clintons role in economic decline is little understood by America. ]But Hillary Clinton's candidacy has cast light on Clinton's actions.

Clinton entered the scene during a period of decline in Democratic Party funding, but realised he could gain Wall Street's backing by moving the party rightward. He formed the Democratic Leadership Committee (DLC), which took strong root in the US Senate. Considering the influence the DLC has had on US politics, it's crazy that so few Democrats know about it.


The US, meanwhile, continued to play policeman to the world, to be a kind of military welfare state of which no one has been more supportive than Hillary Clinton.The number of US military bases has continued to grow and now stands at 800. This meant a swelling of power by military corporations as Pentagon budgets went unchallenged, while efforts on behalf of the poor were submitted to withering scrutiny (viz Obama's modest expansion of health care, "historic cornerstone" of his presidency, gained only after furious struggle).

But amid an onslaught of hostility and Republican supremacism, Democrats played the identitarian game from the other side, leaving poor whites in the cold, all pretence of class solidarity abandoned.

Today, the long rightward drift of the Democratic Party is barely noted. But tolerance for people of colour aside, Hillary Clinton is less liberal than Richard Nixon, who presided over an expansion of welfare and creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Amid economic ignorance and Republican ferocity, politicians who don't express outright hostility to black or gay people have been gratefully embraced by open-minded voters. (This may be the reason both Obama and Hillary Clinton decided, recently, to back gay marriage.) Identity politics is all, broadly, that's 'left' of the Democratic Party.


WOW! Florida Jewish News: Bernie Sanders is simply better for America, for Israel and the world


Senator Sanders has made closing these gaps—between rich and poor, powerful and powerless, mainstream and marginal—the centerpiece of his campaign. I have no doubt the election of a President Sanders will give impetus to efforts to return tax rates on the rich to where they were during the prolonged economic boom between World War II and the 1970s. He’ll take important steps to expand the social safety net, to rein in major corporations, to restore workers’ rights and to improve the health of all Americans—not just those like me who have access to the finest medical care that education, access, insurance and money can and do provide. Hillary Clinton is fine on these issues, but Bernie Sanders is much better, and his election as president in and of itself will send a powerful message.

I said that Sanders is more pro-Israel than Clinton. Not more pro-Likud, or pro-Bibi, or pro-settlements, or pro-occupation—but pro-Israel. I’ve been a Zionist since my undergraduate days when we fought the anti-Israel left. I made aliyah in 1992, and my wife and I maintain an apartment in Jerusalem, where we live a good part of the year. My parents are buried in Har Menuchot, my daughter and her husband live in Tel Aviv.

The current policies of my democratically elected government are not good for Israel. They’re dangerous to Israel’s security and corrupting to its morality—and Israel’s security and morality go hand in hand.


While Clinton may well harm Israel’s security by giving the current government free rein, Sanders is far more likely to pursue the only objective that ensures a Jewish democratic State of Israel—a two-state solution, with a Palestinian state living in peace alongside a secure Jewish state.

Steven M. Cohen is research professor of Jewish social policy at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.


Attention Hillary Camp:Cracked walls, crumbling brickwork: The legacy of fracking in Oklahoma YIKES!


There are hundreds, if not thousands of stories of people in Oklahoma shouldering the burden of damage caused by industry-induced earthquakes. In some cases insurance does cover the damage, but in many cases homeowners are on their own.


Fighting the insurance companies

Up the road in Coyle, at a spiritual retreat named for Saint Francis of Assisi, a priest is preparing to do battle with his insurance company over earthquake damage.

Brad Wilson is director of St. Francis of the Woods, a 200-hectare spiritual retreat which includes a library featuring a unique collection of 20,000 books on religion, North American spirituality and eastern orthodoxy.

Wilson bought earthquake insurance, in spite of limited coverage and a high deductible, but he's been unable to collect.


He says the insurance company has denied his claim because he can't point to a single earthquake that caused all the damage.

"We have days where we'll have three or four a day and you can literally come in after an earthquake or the next morning and it will be deeper and wider, and bigger crack."


Jackie Dill says she has lost her way of life and can't afford to fix her home. So she's telling anyone who will listen about the toll oil and gas industry practices are taking on the people of Oklahoma.

"I'm in the winter of my years and big oil has taken my home and they're taking my way of life and all I have left is my voice and I'll use it."


No help from state or industry

And even though the state of Oklahoma now concedes the widespread damage from earthquakes, there's nothing it can do to help, says Tim Baker, director of the Oklahoma Corporations Commission, Oil and Gas Division.


How do you all in Camp Hillary defend her support of fracking?

WARNING: Kid-friendly Kik app gives predators direct online access to children


KIK is a free mobile service for sharing texts, images and videos anonymously.

While there are safety concerns with other apps, police and users say Kik is particularly popular with younger teens and children whose parents may not be as familiar with it as they are with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.


"The problem I have with Kik in particular is the ability for strangers to reach out to strangers," said Det.-Sgt. Paul Krawczyk of the Toronto Police Service's child exploitation unit.

Unlike many other messaging apps, Kik offers free, unlimited texting, along with games featuring animated characters and juvenile emojis which appeal to kids.

Kik also allows users to send messages directly to other users, without first approving them on a friend or contact list.

Police say there's a lack of parental checks and controls with Kik, and some other apps, which is one of the reasons predators are drawn to them.


Here's another reason Bernie needs to stay in until the Convention.

To put it in a nutshell, he should stay in to make the rich pay! The longer he stays in the more Hillary will need to hit them up for more moola and perhaps she'll need to access her own modest multi-million dollar nestegg. Let them all empty their pockets and contribute to trickle-down economics. And those "alleged" paid Hilbot trolls, -they should be on their knees thanking Bernie for their continuing employment.

Think nothing else about Clinton Foundation could be shocking? You're wrong! How pay-to-play began.

Ever heard about Doug Band? A power broker that most of us have never heard of but has been at the center of the Clinton System.


Band had entered Clinton’s orbit as that lowliest of Washington archetypes: the body man. He was the all-purpose aide who carried the bags, provided the pen, watched the clock, kept the cigars close, and ensured the Diet Cokes were always chilled. And after the inglorious end of Clinton’s presidency, Band had stayed on. It was he who had engineered Clinton’s transformation into a philanthropist-king, and over the years, the pair had formed a bond that was more like father and son than boss and factotum. “The most important thing about Doug is that he sort of took control of President Clinton’s career at a moment when he was dropping from about sixty percent [favorability] to thirty-nine percent,” says Paul Begala, the former Clinton adviser. “You look up today and Bill is in a league inhabited only by himself and Nelson Mandela and the Pope. He’s one of the most beloved people on the planet and an American political colossus as well. That’s just astonishing—and Doug’s been central to that.”

Read on.

New Republic: Scandal at Clinton Inc.


Some terrific photos of the Obamas in Britain.


No surprise Hillary won in the most politically corrupt state. It's electoral oversight ranked 49th

by the Center of Public Integrity.



Congrats New York, #1 in Corruption! It's electoral oversight ranked 49th by

Center of Public Integrity which gave it a failing F grade. So no surprise Hillary won NY.


Other states have plenty of corruption, but it’s hard to beat New York when it comes to sheer volume

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/05/how-new-york-became-most-corrupt-state-in-america-117652#ixzz46OZcRLB5

How New York Became One Of The Most Corrupt States



How many of the poor & the powerless who voted for Hillary know who FDR was and what he did?

What Unionsand other Left Wing activists did to improve working conditions?

It would be interesting if historians conducted their own exit polls.

I'd be interested knowing how many people know that what we now take for granted like the five day week was the result of the efforts of those on the Left, efforts which the PTB brutally fought . Do people know how much those on the Left did, how tirelessly they fought to improve life of people who had to work to live?
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