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Member since: Sat Jun 16, 2007, 01:28 AM
Number of posts: 27,839

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Discussion: Pinned Threads - Please read and respond :)

I was waiting on Skinner to set us up so I could pin this, but let's just get started and we can pin it after if needed. In the mean time, if you see it falling off the page, please kick it?

I'd like to discuss what type of threads we want pinned at the top of the forum. I see the need for two types of threads. Permanent and Temporary.

Permanent Pinned stuff would possibly include:
1. Our recipe collection (as described below)
2. Favorite Food Blogs and Websites
3. Cooking Tips

Temporary Pinned things would include
1. The Link to C&B at DU2 (for as long as we need it or the posts are still accessible)
2. Special seasonal posts - Like a Christmas Cookie Recipe Collection (which could later be incorporated into the pinned threads in some way) etc
3. Questions posted by either a host or a group member needing a discussion or a vote

I am sure there are more examples but I am just throwing this out there for discussion.

One big task ahead, is to decide how we want to break down the catagories for the PINNED RECIPIES
Can I ask you all to think about how you'd like to see it done and then post your ideas. The rest of us can ask questions, then we can decide as a group on the chosen option.

An example would be ` and in no particular order:
Appetizers & Quick Meals (self explanatory)
The Pantry (staples and canning)
The Bakery (Breads)
Slow Cooking (crockpots - soups - stews)
Meats & Seafood (all meals)
Fruits & Veggie Dishes (both vegetarian and vegan as well as side dishes)
Desserts & Beverages

These are just suggestions, and I welcome any breakdown that you want to discuss. We could easily pull out a Vegetarian and Vegan section on its own merits, i was just trying to save pinning space

I hope to see everyone participate so we can make some choices and move on to collecting yummy recipes to try.


Editing to add another thing I wondered about. We will be getting hide thread back. I wonder if it would be usable on pinned threads? Of so, you could hide all the threads and then just go unhide, if you wanted to look for a recipe. IS that likely? Does anyone program? I'll ask about it tomorrow!

UPDATE: Editing to say that we can hide pinned threads!

Thoughts on the Jury and Jury Blacklist features.

I really wasn't sure how I would feel about the self moderation aspect of the new DU, but I must say I like it a lot.

And, I also think that the Jury blacklist feature brings a nice fairness to the process.


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