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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

the Lions got screwed

there is no way around it...the refs fucked the Lions

that Forsett td was BY FAR

the worst call i have ever seen.Detroit just got screwed.

yet another nail biter week in DU FF

#1 overall Arizona Outlaw may be in trouble this week taking on Luner Lander.Lander is down but has players left and looks to be in a position to challenge.(I need an AO loss)

#2 overall and division 2 leader War Pigs has his hands full with Callahan Crew,a dangerous team rated at 7 but definately still in the hunt.

Number three overall,me,the swamplizard,is yet again in a battle,this week with defending champ rejected.Rejected is in a do or die situation and may do,,,it's gonna be REAL close.

Second place in division 2 Touchdown there and 5-5 Parcells Disciple are at war for playoff postioning.A TT win pretty much puts him in but a PD win ties them up.PD is making it interesting and looks to be in a good position.

Our resident old man, Older and More in The Way,hasn't caught a break all year and is 5-5 even though he has the highest score.He seems to be in a good spot this week and may be the team to beat now.

CRAZY fun week and league

looks like we Charleston SC folk are gonna get flooded

lets hope it stays beachside

fun big band stuff with Henry Mancini

DU ff league is CLOSE

for those not playing...you should have ..this year is crazy close.

#1 overall Arizona Outlaw is in a battle with Touchdown There.Both are fighting for playoff positioning and it looks close

#1 in scoring for the year,Older and More In The Way,is in a battle with myself..#2 in overall score.It's going to the wire tomorrow night and we both need a win.

Callahan and Parcell's Disciple are slugging it out looking for playoff positioning.Callahan is ahead but Parcell has Monday Night players.....this one should be good.

Defending champ Rejected is fighting for his playoff life but isn't out of it and may be the team to be feared the most.

It's been ONE HELL OF A YEAR so far...and it's only gonna get better.

If you didn't play this year...get your orders in early for next year...this is a FUN league

On Edit:War Pigs...leader of the OTHER division,is probably going deep in the playoffs and will be tough.

I'm about in over my head with these guys...they are good.

my company did a *think about your vote* meeting today

they held a meeting and basically told us if the President is reelected the company will be out of business by 2015.

These fuckers will do ANYTHING to win.

We need to counter this shit everywhere we see it.These fucks aren't going to get away with this shit this time.

someone grabbed San Diego in our ff league

I'm back
Posted by backwoodsbob | Fri Nov 2, 2012, 01:28 AM (0 replies)

OK ff girls..I'm vulnerable this week

if I'm gonna lose it's this week.I have 5 starters out either on bye or injured.

How's everyone else looking?

so I bought my first toyota

I've been looking for a decent work car and a buddy at work sold me his late mothers 2000 avalon.It has a newer dealership installed engine with 27k miles and is LOADED.Leather,jbl sound,power everything.The body is awesome...no body or interior issues at all.Really clean and zero mechanical issues.Power sunroof too.

This car is AMAZING.The wife drove it around the block and instantly offered me the 2011 Impala straight up....I refused.

I found a car I can really enjoy driving for ...well...I hate to admit how much I paid...3,000
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