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Profile Information

Name: Annette Bacchus
Gender: Female
Hometown: British Columbia
Home country: Canada
Current location: New Westminster
Member since: Fri Sep 7, 2007, 01:15 AM
Number of posts: 5,437

Journal Archives

When is this idiot trump will start to govern rather than holding rallies. He has been elected, does

he not know that? This guy is effing stupid and does not know it!

Just wanted to say that you all in NY and the East Coast stay safe with the impending storm.

Be careful and do not go out if you do not have to. Hope your workplace is giving you a day off. Please stay safe.

That was a very good town hall that Chris Hayes had

with Senator Bernie Sanders. At least the trump voters realised that their coal mining jobs are not coming back. And with this new trumpcare, they know that they will not be covered under medicare. It is so frigging sad that the richest country in the world in short changing its poor to give more money to the richest 2%. My only hope is that some Republicans will go against this shitty trumpcare.

paraphrasing mitch mcconnell the asshole when President Obama took office, they

will spend every moment to undermine him. Now that the shoes are on the other feet, they want Democracts to give the orange guy a chance. Fuck that shit, trump was not elected, he got help from the russians and comey and the fool does not know how to govern. He has the racist bannon in his camp and the tool is not draining the swamp, the pussy grabber is enabling the swamp.

God or some superior being is called upon to help the people of America and the world. Four years of trump and putin dynasty will set back the world more than 20 years. Anybody, somebody, impeach this clown before he makes America and its people a third world country where presidents take bribes. That is trump, an immoral person and a dipshit.

If this question does not belong in this forum please redirect me?

I am very curious! This relates to the Walking Dead - how did Eugene got captured by Negan. I missed that episode?

I want to holler and scream about why the Dems in the Senate and House

are not pushing back against ths tyrant trump!

What are they scared of, this guy is a joke as a president and a pathological lia! How could a liar be the President of the United States of America? I admire Lawerence Odonnel, he speaks the truth!

I have no idea what to say to you all my fellow DUers. Is your President out of his mind?

What will it take to impeach this asshole? Something is wrong in America that this idiot is the resident in the White House!
It is apalling that Mrs. Clinton did not win, but the election was rigged in favour of this clown!

I keep asking myself over and over, how on earth Mrs. Clinton did not

win the election? Half way through the coverage I said the elections were rigged. It was, Trump was in cohoots with the Russians to get him elected.

Now am thinking, Trump and his swamp should be tried for treason. Good Lord, how can anyone excuse the shit that trump and his swamp has done to America and the whole world. When we thought bush was bad, in the 21st century, along comes a dictator. This is not something the world should accept. We need to resist and the world is with America in resisting this orange idiot.

End of rant!

Edited to add that I miss her smiling face. She was real and I keep thinking how much all of us would be better off if she was our President.

What is really sickening to me is that all the jurnalists on CNN and MSNBC

promoted Trump, no matter what he said, they had him on TV 24/7. The media is responsible for getting trump elected and no matter what, they now lap up his shit last night. Van Jones is a dick!

The media is responsible for this shit stain as a president. They are not journalists, they propped this asshole up with little or no coverage as to what Mrs. Clinton stood for.

I really hope that this movement against Trump will encourage voters

to vote for Democrats in 2018 so that Democrats can take back the house and the senate. This asshole in the White House is bad for the whole world and I hope that the effers who voted for him will realise they voted for a piece a shit who is nothing more than an a loser on TV. Gosh, I cannot express how disappointed that this clown trump is the President of the US. Cannot speak for the world only for myself, I hate trump!
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