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Profile Information

Name: Annette Bacchus
Gender: Female
Hometown: British Columbia
Home country: Canada
Current location: New Westminster
Member since: Fri Sep 7, 2007, 02:15 AM
Number of posts: 5,530

Journal Archives

Where are all the senior

republicans? Are they so scared of trump and in lockstep with him? I cannot believe that not one of them has the decency and humanity to disagree with the swamp rat! What is going on in the most powerful country of the world and why is trump consulting with Putin about the G7 summit when Russia is not part of that Summit.
If any fellow DUers are protesting, please stay safe as Covid is still out there.

This current resident in the White House thinks governing is by tweets

This pos is saying that the economy is thriving and more jobs have been created! I am sure everyone know that the current economic progress is due to the policies put in place by President Obama. How soon people forget. Trump has done nothing for the American people except to side with enemies of the US and create division. I just hope that effing wall will never be built under his residency.

I would like to read Comey's book and I hope he addressed how

he undermined Mrs. Clinton in favour of that asswipe trump winning the election.

Something has happened over the decades. What happened

to celebrities coming together singing 'We are the world" and now we have children marching for their safety? America has gone astray with this asshole trump as president! We seem to be going backwards rather than moving forward! I am so confused and I wish this piece a shit as president could get impeached.

Is it true that Rex Tillerson got fired by the dolt?

I don't look at CNN nor MSNBC anymore, so I have no idea! Saw it on Global News, my bad!

Just curious!

Why is it that when you want to reply to someone on here, you are being asked to include a 'reply thread'? Is this a new feature of DU? Thanks very much.

Another school shooting!

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the American people who want gun control and to the parents and families of the students and a teacher (not sure if it was one teacher) of this shooting earlier today. How on earth can a 19 year old get a hold of such a gun?

What is wrong with Republican Senators, Governors and the NRA members who keep protesting against gun control?
Are they so immune that their children will not be affected because they go to private schools? Can you imagine saying bye to your child and wishing him/her a nice day and then this senseless shooting happens. When will these republicans become humans and feel the pain that parents feel when their child gets killed at school?

On a side note, thanks to the DUers who gave me hearts.

Happy Valentines to all of you on DU from Canada

Hope you have a great day with all your loved ones, be it your children, your partner and your other half.

Why is CNN and MSNBC showing the sixties and locked up

on a Monday evening when so much shit is happening with the trump cabal. Are they protecting him like they did in promoting this piece a shit before the primaries. CNN I dislike with a passion, that channel gave trump billions of dollars in free coverage, whilst ignoring a bona fide candidate, Mrs. Clinton.

And for those who have buyers remorse, I do not feel sorry for them. I blame the folks who voted third party and who could not vote for a woman. Can you imagine if Mrs. Clinton was elected, the frigging US will still be a country that leads and the world would be proud of. Now, we have to deal with a fuck up who is demented and senile.

Goodness, who voted for this fuck up, owns it?

When you think if the Russians did not interfere in the elections, it is nostalgic, Mrs. Clinton

would have been the President. I knew it on election night that something was amiss and here we have an asshole in the white house, a liar and a cheat who robbed moms and pops with his wife who was an illegal escort as the fucking president and first lady. Who does not want to puke?

Yet his supporters feel it is ok for the American people to pay three times for security when this pusssy grabber go golfing, his trump tower where his escort wife lives and the white house. Why aren't his supporters pissed especially when he is not going to bring back coal miners job, the American people have to pay for his so called fucking wall and now he is ditching 24 milllion people out of health care. Aren't any of the people who supported him will not have any health care? I don't know about you all DUers but I hate this piece a liar with a passion.

I hope he will be impeached soon!
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