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Current location: Potlandia
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2007, 03:39 PM
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Chris Hayes & Rep. Tulsi Gabbard GO THERE! Re; Gabbard's "dis-invitation" to the Vegas Debate

Did anyone else see this?? or was I dreaming?

holy moly. This really could change everything,
or at least a lot of things about debates & the DNC's role.

Wha-a-a-t? "Emergency Debate Podium" at-the-ready for Biden Last Minute Announcement. Not The Onion

CNN is making sure it has all its bases covered ahead of Tuesday's Democratic primary debate. The network is keeping a spare podium at the ready in case Vice President Joe Biden declares a last-minute bid.

Despite encouragement from key Democrats, Biden has said he's not sure if he'll run. He is expected to announce his final decision sometime this month.

WTF? Hillary now says she's "ending private prisons", but her bundlers are private prison lobbyists?

This link is being touted i the Hillary Group as "proof" that Hillary says "she will end (private prisons)"

But as recently as 2-3 months ago, Hillary was reportedly using Private Prison lobbyists as fund-raisers and bundlers for her Super-Pac.

How the hell does that work? How can anyone take what Hillary says seriously anymore?

I KNOW where Bernie Sanders stand on this,his position is clear as a bell, with no strings attached

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Guess Who Else Is Fundraising for Clinton: Private Prison Lobbyists
In addition to Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is turning to lobbyists for the two biggest private prison companies in the country, Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group, to raise money for her 2016 presidential candidacy.


Sanders Wars With Drug Companies as Wikileaks Reveals How TPP is a ‘Death Sentence’ for Patients

IMHO Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who will keep his word, once elected, about opposing the TPP. As this article points out, the M$M's virtual black-out on the TPP will keep the public largely in the dark until it's too late, UNLESS we
elect new POTUS who will unequivocally fight the TPP tooth & nail, until it's a footnote in recent history.

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Sanders Goes to War Against Drug Companies as Wikileaks Reveals How TPP is a ‘Death Sentence’ for Patients by James Woods * October 9, 2015 * US Uncut
Wikileaks publishes a new trove of documents exposing how the TPP is a giveaway to drug companies. Sanders says he will stop them both.

For more than two years, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been asking for more transparency surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the secret negotiations between CEOs and world leaders that have been taking place for a decade.

On Friday, Wikileaks managed to provide it by leaking a chapter of the TPP that deals with intellectual property and it has already exceeded the worst “doom and gloom” predictions painted by Sanders. Both Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren have been at the forefront of the vocal opposition to the trade agreement, which would make up more than 40 percent of global gross domestic product.

According to the leaked documents, the TPP would place new restrictions on less-expensive generic drugs and force people to pay as much as possible for life-saving drugs, which advocates have called a death sentence. Public Citizen, who has reviewed the complete chapter, believes that the TPP could have severe consequences on the pharmaceutical industry.

“The finalized chapter would require all countries eventually to conform to every pharmaceutical patent rule in the TPP, regardless of any individual country’s wealth or level of development. If adopted, the rules will delay generic and biosimilar competition, making the medicines upon which people depend to stay alive expensive for longer and, as a consequence, unobtainable.”

As frightening as the implications of that are, what is more frightening is that the media outlets that are supposed to inform the public about these trade agreements continues to ignore the warnings of elected officials like Sanders, who has been screaming from the rafters about the TPP for years.

Poll: Clinton drops 10 points in 5 days

Poll: Clinton drops 10 points in 5 days
By Bradford Richardson * October 10, 2015 * The Hill

Hillary Clinton is dragging her feet into the first Democratic primary debate on Tuesday, dropping 10 points in less than a week, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday.

While Clinton enjoyed 51 percent support among Democratic voters in the poll’s Oct. 4 iteration, that number dipped to 41 percent support on Oct. 9.

Both Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Vice President Biden, who has yet to announce whether he will run for president, gained supporters from Clinton’s loss.

Sanders’ support increased from 24 to 28 percent over the same time frame, and Biden jumped from 16 to 20 percent support.


If the DNC/Democratic Party Actually Had it's Shit Together,

We'd/they'd be blasting the airwaves with this simple Truth-Bomb to utterly destroy the GOP brand
permanently for decades to come, ushering in a revolutionary & historic Democratic take-over of both
houses of Congress.

This IS the Democrats moment of opportunity, to drive this one simple truth home to the American People:



It's a short, simple, and self-evidently true statement. If trumpeted from every Democratic rooftop, in a sustained
and unrelenting way, it would set the stage for the Democratic Presidential nominee to win big, with coat-tails the
size of Texas.

Right now the House GOP is in complete disarray, is already a laughing stock in DC, of every national political
observer and commentator who can still fog a mirror. The GOP has infamously become "The Party of NO!",
the party that "SHUTS DOWN THE GOVERNMENT", the party that wastes million$ of tax dollars on partisan attacks using the House Select Committee on Benghazi simply to embarrass a Democratic rival, the party that
now can't even decide who it wants as Speaker of the House, the third most powerful position in the government
of the United States of America.

But -- sadly & tragically -- I do not expect this to happen. Not with Wasserman-Schultz's anti-democratic stance
limiting Democratic Primary debates to only 6, on weekends when no one watches TV. <--This will render the
Democratic Party virtually invisible to voters, while the GOP government-haters flood prime time airwaves with
12-13 well-publicized, record-number-viewer debates, giving them a virtual monopoly on visibility to voters.

I'd LOVE to be 110% wrong about this. So please, DWS, feel free to surprise me and actually USE the potentially
powerful position you hold as Chair of the DNC to actively HELP the Democratic Party actually WIN elections...

HuffPo/BREAKING: McCarthy Drops out of race for Speaker of House

Source: Huffington Post

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) pulled out of the running for House speaker on Thursday, according to multiple reports.

House Republicans had been scheduled to pick their candidate for speaker on Thursday. McCarthy reportedly told his caucus at the meeting that he was pulling out. The election for the Republican candidate for the next speaker has also been postponed.

McCarthy was considered the top contender to replace House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who will retire from Congress at the end of this month.

McCarthy has been haunted by recent comments in which he praised the House Select Committee on Benghazi for hurting Hillary Clinton politically.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/kevin-mccarthy-speaker_56169926e4b0dbb8000d6a1f?ne2q33di


Kevin McCarthy Pulls Out Of House Speaker's Race
McCarthy was considered the top candidate to be the next speaker.


Sacrifice to the Gun God

Amid the Crowing of the GOP and Clinton, Sanders Is on the Rise

Amid the Crowing of the GOP and Clinton, Sanders Is on the Rise
By Robert Scheer * Oct 2, 2015 * Truthdig

How easy it is to mock the Republican candidates. They’re the gang in the clown car climbing all over each other to offer a reactionary message of disarray that has all but destroyed the chances of the Bush family dynasty continuing. But isn’t that a grand achievement for the democratic process?

Why continue a political legacy that has failed in so many dramatic ways to serve the needs of the American public, instead giving us irrational but high-tech wars dealing death from the skies, heartless banking deregulation boosting the fortunes of the rich at the expense of the vast majority, and a vast state apparatus of surveillance enforced by the imprisonment of any whistleblowers who dare reveal its existence?

Good riddance to bad rubbish, except that the alternatives of Trump, Fiorina or Carson only make Jeb Bush look stunningly reasonable in comparison. The other problem is that Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate, is not fundamentally different from the scion of the Bush dynasty. She is instead a perfect stand-in for Jeb Bush if, as appears likely, the Republican Party should reject him for the sin, as with House Speaker John Boehner, of appearing too moderate. For Democrats, appearing moderate is quite easy, as Clinton proved as a senator and secretary of state: Just carry water for the military-industrial complex and Wall Street while pretending to be concerned about the ordinary folks who suffer from those costly policies.

Clinton, in rhetoric and action, will never allow a Republican opponent to appear more hawkish than herself. In the general election, she will burnish her record of support for every bit of military folly from George W.’s invasion of Iraq to her own engineering of the campaign to overthrow all secular dictators in the Middle East who have proved to be an inconvenience to the Saudi theocracy. During her tenure in the Obama administration, Clinton, by her own frequent boastful admission, was the hawk in the Cabinet pressuring the president to be even more aggressive in his drone assassinations and murderous air wars, which have destabilized the region and created what the pope recently termed the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War.

But it is the still troubled economy that will dominate the election, and it is the failure of the Democratic Party establishment—now represented singularly by Clinton—to deal with the lingering recession that explains the startling rise of Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate.

The Vermont senator’s success is not a result of charisma or image manipulation, both of which he quite properly treats as dangerous distractions from what ails us, but rather his deeply informed critique of the bipartisan policies of Presidents Clinton and Bush that have brought so much misery in their wakes.

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