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Member since: Tue Nov 27, 2007, 09:26 PM
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Life, death and awareness.

I have several beliefs about human existence. I am old now so my perspective is different. I think the reason we have so many religions is the result of a brain that wants to survive. Being aware of our mortality the only possible survival was by creating a hereafter. Religion provides that and fortuitously each religion had similar mores to those of the culture that created them. I am agnostic, I cannot do as believers and atheists do, thinking they know the unknowable. With life for an aware being I think it better to not have intelligent life. Our existence has one purpose, produce more victims into this dilemma. There is, however a heaven. It is where we go after our death and loss of this cursed awareness. Strange, we reach this blessed state no longer aware and not aware of it.

Russian spies helped

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