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Stuart G

Stuart G's Journal
Stuart G's Journal
October 27, 2016

Cruz and Mc Cain have both defined how important the senate elections are.

With Republican control of senate, all of Hillary's judge appointees will not even be voted on. Two past candidates for President of the U.S. are stating what their ideas are. No mistake, this is what they will do. Mc Connell is proud of his obstruction of the Garland nominee. If we get a majority, then Mc Connell will not have that total power. It is no mistake that this has been talked about now... Then if it happens, they, the Republicans can say, well this was brought up "before the election. You knew what was going to happen"..But it was presented in this somewhat obscure way.at the end of the election cycle, while other events were happening...

So..GOTV to take the senate. If we take the Senate, instead of total deadlock on court appointees, Hillary will be able to appoint judges, just like other presidents have done. .(except this last Obama appointee) We must take the senate, because they are telling us what they are going to do now. The Republicans are talking about total obstruction of all court appointees that Hillary will make. That is my opinion for what it is worth...

October 24, 2016

A short phrase about people who give and people who take........

Givers have to learn to set limits


Takers don't have any........

Irma Kurtz
October 14, 2016

Remember this, in talking about Trump ,and his groping, stories have been varified by others.

So, in the new story, Kristin Anderson says she was groped by Trump. But before the story became published, they got the story verified by others. It is the same for the NY Times stories. Verified by several others that these experiences happened and that the victim told other people years ago. These stories couldn't have been made up..if the verification process is complete..

So, the verification is real, if anyone looks at the complete stories. These stories would not have made it to publication if there were not many or several other sources for the same story. That is, in Kristin Anderson's case, she told others about Trump's groping at about the time that groping happened and those others, did indeed verify that Kristin did tell them years ago.

The Atlantic, NY Times and other major sources know how to check to see if stories are, "made up." That is what reporters do. So, the likelihood that these are, "made up" ..as Trump says... is nil almost not possible...

If someone repeats this, in support of Trump..then tell them about verification, and ask them to read the whole story to see the truth...Now some don't care what he did, but some will indeed turn away and not vote for him or not vote at all..This does make people puke..

here is a link to the original story at the Washington Post:

Here is a link in Latest Breaking News..posted by Skinner about 11:50 am

October 8, 2016

Every once in a while..a hunch ...turns out to be correct..

This was posted in the "Media Group"...on September 6, about a month ago...Tues, 7:41 am
It was a lucky hunch...

Prediction..In October the MSM will shift very strongly in favor of Hillary...

Very strong shift in favor of Hillary in ways that we never could have expected.

MSM will report stuff on Trump that it was holding back..

Why?...after a certain date, the money for the commercials and all around advertising has been allocated and dolled out to the MSM...and then this one fact will become clear...

....Those that control the MSM, big media groups...do not want Trump as President of the U.S.A......

after they get their money...and it is in the bank....
......then.. the MSM will show how much it does not want Trump...first the money in the bank, then....the good of the U.S.A. comes next.....

...hit the link below..................thank you for reading this.....


October 8, 2016

"I am not a crook"..President Richard Nixon - Nov 17, 1973. (37 sec)

Yes, there was something as bad...this one..short, to the point, and ????? you judge..A person who was the President of the United States, at the time of this speech, says, "I am not a crook" He resigned Aug 8, 1974 and, although he was..not an "official crook"..many of his staff did spend time in jail..as crooks..One of them, a fellow named John Mitchel, did serve time as a crook, was the Attorney General of the United States, appointed by Nixon, and later became the head of re-election campaign in 1972...

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