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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 28,554

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Quiet Music...Clair de Lune - 4min 43 secs

Thoughs To Keep in Mind......

. .........................................In This Moment ...... I am Celebrating Today, and "Living" Life Today",,,,,Yesterday is Gone, Tomorrow is Too Far Away..... Today is What I Have..."Today is The Most Important Day "..................

PLEASE remember, Hitler burned down the Reichstag !!

about the Reichstag Fire..if you do not know about it...?

You may not know about the Reichstag Fire and what it did....please hit link above for information on it.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Trump was behind the whole thing with the blocked up road. Oh, it will look like it was anti-Trump agitators..and their background will be very hard to verify,,but daman it, it smells like a skunk, and looks like a skunk and waddles like a skunk..guess what? It is a skunk

This smells like something that Trump would put together. Perfect way to destroy so called, "agitators"..so he will look like the victim. Like Hitler..........and


if some very sharp research detectives can figure out the true backgrounds of those who stopped the traffic...it may lead right back to Trump..it sounds like the "perfect storm for Trump"

But if it was a made up storm, like in the old movies....and if someone can prove it....Trump could be done, but many of his true believers will not believe it even if it was Trump.
But independents and moderate republicans would if the facts were total and undeniable.

Because he would lie about it anyway, !!!

Yes, this is ugly shit, but Trump is very ugly. Always blaming the protesters.
It fits perfectly to history, which Trump knows. Hitler blamed the agitators, and that would be perfect for Trump. and...he is using this to do what appears to be the same thing. If Trump uses this to get more traction and publicity and justification for his violence and hate, then it would fit.........that he somehow was behind it. Proving this will be very difficult. In some ways, I hope that I am wrong..but it doesn't feel that way.. end of rant......

The most wonderful movie I have ever seen... is

Star Wars 1977

"most wonderful" defined as a great feeling coming out of the theater. (yes, saw it in the theater) Like I enjoyed it so much, that knew I would see it again and again, and again....(combination of fun, good feeling, and true entertainment, just wonderful..you define)

Armed police freed 11 tigers, 3 lions, and 3 bears from captivity and that was just the beginning


In a small animal sanctuary 50 miles south of Buffalo, tigers paced back and forth around the rotting carcass of a dead cat. Flies swarmed piles of excrement. One tiger, in a cage next to two female lions, was missing most of her tail and one ear.

Rusty screws and plywood supported ramshackle metal cages. Several big cats showed signs of cataracts, and, according to people who were on the scene, they hadn't been given food or water for some time.

The site, an animal sanctuary known as JNK's Call of the Wild, had fallen into disrepair after a death months before left the surviving owner unable to provide for the animals.

Along with dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits, and a horse, the Sinclairville, New York, facility held 11 tigers, three lions, three bears, and two wolves, all malnourished.


I did additional research on this one...I found this happened in May 2014. All large exotic animals survived but one tiger was so ill that it needed to be euthanized. I saw this one at Yahoo, but it switched me to the Business Insider site, and eventually after much time trying to load, I got most of the story. It is a long read, but well written in my opinion.. Also, this is interesting because the original owners really tried to take care of these exotic animals, but due to a death of an owner and increasing cost of food and upkeep, the facility fell into total disrepair. Also, the lengthy article describes how easy it would be in some states to import and have exotic animals. Some states prohibit this, but others allow and a few require no permits at all..

Here is a google search link with a whole lot of additional stories about this if you desire more info:


The exact date of the contest between Shultz and Canova is August 30..still time to donate.

easy exercize tip...get up to answer the phone, do not have phone by computer...

My phone by my computer broke down about 4 years ago..Now, when the phone rings, I got to get up and answer, no matter who is calling, even if it is a robo call, political call, or live caller to sell me some electricity...
And, I do get up to answer the phone...each time..and I do not like it, especially if I am writing some incredible idea on the computer in the GD section of DU...You see, I never replaced my phone by the computer..(the walk is about 20 feet to phone in another room)

I was going to buy a brand new set of phones, the latest and greatest, and easiest ....then I would have a great phone by the computer and all work could be done right there...but....................................

after a 8 to 10 months, I was noticing that getting up to answer was a good thing..helping to strengthen my legs and hips a little bit. Now a little bit, is better than nothing, so I never got another new phone. Every time it rings and I got to get up and walk 20 feet to answer it, I got to get up and answer it. It is pretty simple, isn't it?

In four years, I estimate that I have gotten up from the computer..(I am retired and love the internet and all kinds sites) about..
5000 to 6000 times or, maybe 4 to 5 times a day....and getting up from the computer, or anywhere in the place, to walk 10 to 20 feet... to answer a phone ...during a period of years.... is indeed a good thing......................................... ....................................

one last odd point...............how many remember when we used to get up and change the channels on the TV???????

Six Things Worry Free People Do To Avoid Stress


03/13/2016 01:20 pm ET | Updated 5 hours ago

Kayla Matthews
Huffington Post blogger

It might be amazing to think about, but not everyone is stressed all the time. Those people who aren't always stressed aren't necessarily peaceful monks either, but normal people with similar pressures and expectations that you and I have. So what's the difference between the stressed and the nonstressed?

You could say that stress has become a badge of honor in today's society, and if you aren't stressed, you aren't busy enough, but that's probably not it. Really, these are just people who have figured out how to deal with their stress more effectively. The good news is that you can do it, too.

1. Figure Out What Causes Your Stress and Find a Better Way to Handle It

You don't always have control over what happens to you, but you can always control how you handle it.
. You can't avoid meetings at work, deadlines or the pressure that comes with a family, but you can change how you view these things.

You can practice reframing those problem areas. Try thinking about how neat it could be to explain to your co-workers what you've been doing, or how wonderful it is that you have enough food for your family, even if the dishes pile up. The ability to reframe how you view certain situations can change a stressful event into a joyful one.

2. Be Mindful

There's a difference between being mindful and being watchful. Anxious people tend to be watchful, waiting for something to go wrong. Mindful people are simply aware of what's going on, both externally and internally. More than that, though, they're focused on the present so they're less likely to get caught up in a chain of what ifs. Stay present and focused on what's going on around you, and you'll find there's less time to worry and more time to be happy. It takes practice though, so make sure to take time to do it.

( remainder of ideas at link)

I am not "worry free"...perhaps more of the opposite..but I need to give these ideas a try as often as possible. I would add only one...
quiet daily meditation 10 to 15 minutes...does help to relieve stress

Shultz is a blood sucker of the worst kind.. Here is Why....

She represents some of the very worst aspects of humanity...blood suckers...sucks the blood from very poor.

Yesterday's rate (3/10/16). on a 3 month note from the U.S. Treasury was,are you ready,..................0026%........yes that is correct.....

1/4 of one percent on a 3 month loan....the interest that U.S.gov pays..to lenders who will lend it money for 3 months....
So..poor people, who need a payday loan, from a payday loan company, ....backed by Shultz.......pay 1200 times the going rate the U.S. Government gives on similar loans.................
....think about it......1200 times the going rate the U.S.gives to banks and others..on short term loans............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sidenote...supporting that rate, in my honest opinion, makes the oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, and even drug dealers on the street, ..........................look benevolent and kind with their business methods.

How a particular movie became very popular could explain Bernie's campaign.

I follow movies and how much they make. Back in the 90s, a person had to go to the library and read a publication called, "Variety" to see how much a movie would make in a weekend or a month or so on. So, that is what I did. A movie came out in July of 1998 called, "There Is Something About Mary."

I think, if I recall, the first week or two it was second or third in the money contest..and it stayed at that level for weeks. For some reason, I didn't see it the first few weeks.. After a while, I heard from others, that this was one of the funniest movies ever made..So after 4 or 5 weeks, I went to see it. (Yes, I found it to be one of the funniest movies ever).. Finally, on Labor Day Weekend, 7 weeks after it first appeared, it got the number 1 ranking for movies on that particular weekend. Yes, it took in more money than any other movie that had been out, for any length of time on the Labor Day Weekend, 7 weeks after it first came out.

That, had never been done, and I don't think it has been done since. How did it happen? Simple. People talked to each other and discussed that this film really is very very funny. (now it did take a certain taste in films, but I have that taste...it is very crude, but to me, very funny) As people talked to each other, that is how the film became number 1 after 7 weeks. It was word of mouth. People talking to people...

Bernie stands for certain ideas that many people believe in. Particularly, the idea that the rich in this country are not contributing enough to help the country's government. The rich have special deals the rest of us don't have. They pay less. That message and is being talked about by people who honestly believe that is true. And it is true. The rich do have special deals. And it is not fair. And many of us are very angry that the rich pay a lot less, as a percent, than the rest of us..

So, as the word gets around, slowly, people talking to people about the campaign, people are saying basically, "I agree with Bernie on this point, and this is a very important issue. Bernie is the only one who is constantly saying the rich do not pay their share and they need to pay more. .. and it is true. And he has been saying that for years. It ain't new, and it is true. Someone who makes 1 million through dividends pays a lot less, as a percentage, then someone who makes $500,000. in salary ..say $10,000 a week in direct pay. That is wrong, and the deal was set up for rich people. We all know that. The rich got a great deal, but the rest of us pay for it.

And in a similar way to the movie, "There is Something About Mary" Bernie's message is getting out. Slowly, ,word of mouth person to person, family to family..And, also ..it is the truth. The system is rigged for the rich and that is wrong. That is how this message is similar to the success of that movie. The truth takes time to get out. But when it does, the truth can stand stronger than the rest of the discussion. Especially about something like.." who pays and who gets a deal and pays less, a whole lot less than they should.."
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