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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Current location: Skokie, Illinois
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 36,977

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

The number 1 liar, calls Michael Cohen a liar.

Cohen testifies before congress, and appears to be totally honest and forthcoming, people take notice. We watched him for hours. Most of us can decide if he was telling the truth. For Trump to call Cohen a "liar" is absurd.
...It is also "ironic." and delusional. Trump lies about everything and anything. Again, we can decide who is telling the truth and who is lying. Trump's best course in my opinion is to simply "shut up." It seems that "shutting up" is impossible for Trump, even it is his "best course."

7.5 Magnitude Earthquake strikes near Ecuador's Border with Peru

Source: NPR

A powerful earthquake struck eastern Ecuador early Friday, sending tremors for miles through a sparsely populated area and into neighboring Peru and Colombia. The quake hit at an intermediate depth of about 82 miles, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

"The preliminary reports of the first earthquakes near Macas do not indicate major damages," Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said via Twitter. He added that the effects were felt in a large swath of the country and that regional emergency centers had been activated in case they're needed.

The earthquake struck at 5:17 a.m. local time. Its epicenter was 71 miles east-southeast of Palora, far inland and distant from Ecuador's main highways that run along its mountain ranges.

For an area ranging some 50 to 100 miles from the quake's center, the quake was felt at a magnitude of at least 5.5, according to the USGS.

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2019/02/22/696961234/7-5-magnitude-earthquake-strikes-near-ecuadors-border-with-peru

Why lying to the authorities/police doesn't work..Susan Smith 1994:

Perhaps you remember this one?...Susan Smith, killed her sons, claimed someone else did it..



On October 25, 1994, Smith reported to police that her vehicle had been carjacked by a black man who drove away with her sons still inside. For nine days, she made dramatic pleas on national television for their rescue and return. However, following an intensive investigation and a nationwide search, she confessed on November 3, 1994 to letting her car roll into nearby John D. Long Lake,[8] drowning them inside.[9] Her motivation was reportedly to be able to have a relationship with a local wealthy man, even though he had no intention of forming a family.[10] She said that there was no motive nor did she plan the murders, stating that she was not in a right state of mind.[7]

Later investigation revealed that detectives doubted Smith's story from the start and believed that she murdered her sons. By the second day of the investigation, the police suspected that she knew their location and hoped that they were still alive. Investigators started to search the nearby lakes and ponds, including John D. Long Lake, where their bodies eventually were found. Initial water searches did not locate the car because the police believed it would be within 30 feet of the shore, and did not search farther; it turned out to be 120 feet from the shore. After the boys had been missing for two days, Smith and her estranged husband David were subjected to a polygraph test. The biggest breakthrough of the case was her description of the carjacking location. She had claimed that a traffic light had turned red causing her to stop at an otherwise empty intersection. However, it was determined that the light would not have turned red for her unless a vehicle was present on the intersecting road. This conflicted with her statement that she did not see any other cars there when the carjacking took place.[11]

Chicago Chief of Police: Smolett staged this because he was unhappy with salary CNN:


Police chief: Smollett's motive "pissed everybody off"

Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson said his department was "pissed off" when they discovered Jussie Smollett's actual motive.

Moments ago, Johnson said the "Empire" actor staged the attack on himself because he was unhappy with his salary. Smollett was treated as a victim until police learned more details, Johnson said. "Quite frankly, it pissed everybody off because we have to invest valuable resources," he said.

Why Smollett and Trump are very similar..Both were totally unaware of "smell experts"

..There are people in the world who can detect if a story "smells." That is if it is so full of lies, that the story cannot be trusted and that the whole story is a "stupid lie." It looks like the actor in Chicago, for whatever reason, thought he could get past the Chicago police, "smell experts." People on the police force who have been around a "long time" can smell lies. That is what they do. These individuals have to know if a story is true as to complete an investigation and charge the correct individuals of a crime. These officers are very important in finding out the truth about crimes. And they are very good at what they do.
..It looks Donald Trump has come up one of the country's best "smell experts." Not just a good one on a particular police force, but one of the best in the entire country. Mueller has an entire team to prove or disprove the truth of what Trump says and find out the truth as to what the Trump gang has done. Maybe now, Mr. Trump has figured out that Mueller is that kind of "smell expert", and that Mr. Trump's story will not pass the "smell test." Mr. Trump's past has included a number of times he has lied and got away with it for a lot of reasons, that will not be gone into. But this time, Trump is up against the very best "smell expert team." And some on the "team" were former members of Trump's own liar team. I think that Trump has finally figured out that he cannot beat this team of "smell experts." This group of smell experts is the very best.. Good-by Mr. Trump!

How about having some fun watching a movie? .. Cousin Vinny

This is a great comedy. Bound to hypnotize, and quite enjoyable..lots of laughs, and wonderful ending.
With a truly great cast, incredible story, and beyond incredible ending...You cannot help but enjoy it completely. Please watch Cousin Vinny if you need a pick up. You will NOT be disappointed. It is at most libraries, and available on line. It is a 1992 movie.

Another wonderful but old one, is "Some Like it Hot" See that one. No description is enough. Many rank that in the top 5 of all comedies.. Last....Blazing Saddles that one is unbelievable.

So everyone knows..Date for Iowa Primary: February 3, 2020...

Meant as a point of information only..!!

So thankful for this forum..This is where the discussion belongs.

My opinion is that the discussion about the primaries and the candidates belongs right here. Yes, this is very important, but as we know the primaries are many months away. I think 11 to be exact, but I don't know when the first one is. Who knows? Well this is the place to discuss this. Thanks again for establishing this forum.
...Stuart G

McCabe: I think it is possible that Trump is a Russian Asset

Source: CNN

Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said Tuesday it is possible President Donald Trump is a Russian asset.

"Do you still believe the President could be a Russian asset?" asked CNN's Anderson Cooper during an interview with McCabe on "Anderson Cooper 360."

"I think it's possible. I think that's why we started our investigation, and I'm really anxious to see where (special counsel Robert) Mueller concludes that," McCabe said.

It's another bombshell comment from McCabe, which comes days after he outlined on Sunday to CBS the reasons top US officials decided to open a counterintelligence prove and obstruction of justice investigation into the President

McCabe is promoting his new book, "The Threat," which paints a stark portrait of his time at the bureau under Trump, describing in vivid detail his version of interactions with top officials at the White House and Justice Department. The book was released Tuesday and became and instant best-seller.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/19/politics/andrew-mccabe-trump-law-enforcement/index.html

This is a bombshell of major magnitude. The ex head of the FBI is calling the President of the United States a "Russian Asset". This term "Asset" is unfamiliar to me, but I have seen it the last few days. I suspect it is something like, the individual owes allegiance to another country (Russia) as opposed to the U.S.A. I don't think any President has ever been referred to in these terms by any former head of the FBI or CIA. We will have to see what all this means in the end. But it is major news with major significance.

Proof Trump is incompetent: He declared a national emergency when there is no emergency!!

..Proof for all to see and know. Even the Republicans know. Have any relatives or friends who think Trump is OK, a fine person and good President of the USA?. Give that person those 10 words above. This is not a hurricane, this is not some awful fire, this isn't an awful earthquake. This is a mean trick to get money for a questionable project. That is all. Tell the doubters/and those that believe in Trump, that this is wrong. A competent sane person doesn't do that. Most of the "doubters" will agree with you. "Yes. This is wrong." Most of us know it is wrong to declare an EMERGENCY, when there is no EMERGENCY.. You don't need to explain a whole lot, because this explains itself. This is not an earthquake, not a hurricane, not some awful fire, not 30 below across the entire country. Not the country going broke. Not terrible disease across all the states like a "killer flu"..
.........................This is a mean trick to get money for a questionable project....

MOST OF THE COUNTRY KNOWS......Perhaps those additional twelve words will help. The words "mean trick" are powerful words. They convey a very powerful message.

Thank You for reading this.
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