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grantcart's Journal
grantcart's Journal
August 4, 2013

The Republican strategy explained for the politically naive

We all have friends or meet people who really have a hard time understanding national politics and throw up their hands with a sigh and "both sides are bad" exclamation. I have found the following analogy to be useful:

Imagine a person who is a diabetic and has been involved in an accident is bleeding profusely.

Upon being taken to the emergency room the Republican doctor immediately starts treating the diabetes (long term debt) and ignoring the bleeding (unemployment and collapsing economy).

The administrators put the young talented intern on the case and he stops the bleeding and the patient has a remarkable recovery.

On further investigation it turns out that the Republican doctor was the driver that ran a red light and crashed into the patient before arriving at the hospital. Moreover it turns out that it wasn't diabetes (long term debt) that was the original condition but an iron deficiency (insufficient revenue) and the young intern, now a doctor has already been treating the iron deficiency.

Meanwhile the Republican doctor has taken to going to the homes of the aging benefactors of the hospital begging to close the hospital and open up clinics in the suburbs where people aren't sick nearly so often. In order to make his case the doctor gives foot rubs to the aging benefactors thinking that this is somehow an argument.

With the bleeding and the iron deficiency now resolved the doctor not only argues that the expansion plan proposed by the new young doctor not be accepted but that hospital services be reduced because no one is really fond of hospitals anyway. If he doesn't get his way the doctor has announced that he will soon be parking his car in front of the emergency room so that it cannot be used at all and the hospital will have to be shut down unless they accept his demands.

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