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grantcart's Journal
grantcart's Journal
August 27, 2019

Questions that the WH Press Corp should be asking in front of the Helicoptor Propoganda blitz

We know three things about Trump in front of the press

1) He cannot resist the bait. He will always try and be clever no matter how insulting the question is

2) He will always double down. Upon really stupid he will go to fantastically stupid only louder

3) He has no real self awareness about how ridiculous his make believe world is

Absolutely everyone reacted to the low level carny hucksterism of Trumps attempt to sell the snake oil wonderment of his trashy hotels.

Don't fight him. Give him a mic and dare him to elaborate

Mr. President, will the G7 leaders and their staff

a) Be able to buy time shares while they stay at their beautiful villas?

b) Will they be served Trump Steaks in the famous dining room?

c) Will interns from Trump University be able to get extra credit by working at the summit?

d) Given your expertise in gaming will G7 visitors be able to enjoy gambling in a temporary casino?

e) Must visitors book a Trump Jet to arrive at the summit?

f) Will visitors have an opportunity to book transport from Trump Classic Cars?

g) Will the guests be drinking Trump wines?

The more that he blabs on about selling his own products the more of a two bit con he sounds like. Even Santorum is repulsed.

Get him talking about selling his own crap the more demented he appears. I bet they could get him to talk for an hour about time shares at his property.

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