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Hometown: Leon County, Florida
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2008, 10:18 PM
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Is DU having server problems? The response rate is really, really, really slow right now for me.

I just checked the speed with my ISP and the general speeds are what they should be.


Bard Owl Seranade

I just finished listening to an extended song fest of a large group of barred owls, probably five or six of them carrying on for over fifteen minutes solid with a few arias that began and closed the concert.

It was lovely! Barred Owl Bards, for sure.

This time of year we often have the windows open at night and get to hear the owls, the birds the owls wake up, and the grey foxes that are mating down the hill. During the day when it is cool enough - it was near 90 today - I listen to the bluebirds, mockingbirds and all the other songbirds. But the nighttime serenades are my favorites.

Scored a photocopy stand! Need help on the bulbs for it and maybe rewiring

It's one my Dad had and used to copy historic photos and documents. I need it for the same purpose and also to copy large needlework.

This thing is old - originally made for using with a Polaroid Land camera - it's a Polaroid 208 Copymaker. But it has a good solid base with a gauge plate for squaring up the item to be copy, lights at 45 degree angles on both sides for even lighting, and a solidly mounted adjustable stand for the camera. My Dad adapted the camera mount for a standard camera screw mount and also added a taller post so the camera can be raised significantly.

One very similar to mine is at http://www.josephfazzio.com/polaroid-208-copymaker-115vac-20watt-afh242

First major problem - the timer for the light on one side is inaccurate and very noisy. I'm planning to rewire the thing to bypass this timer. I will always need both lights on at the same time and as it stands, the light on one side switches on, the one on the other side only comes on with the timer.

Second problem - the bulbs. Both currently work so I'm good for now, though I would rather have full spectrum or daylight rather than the cool white bulbs on there now. They are Sylvania Cool White 3W F3T5/CW z458 12" straight tubles. So far I haven't found replacements, though I have only started looking.

I'm wondering if I have to rewire the thing if I should look for replacement fixtures with easier to source bulbs?
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