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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Current location: Oklahoma
Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2008, 11:02 AM
Number of posts: 8,571

About Me

I live in deep red country, and like to see myself as a bright shining blue star in a sky full of red hues. It\'s not easy living in an area surrounded by Republicans, but I truly believe in my role of changing a heart and mind one person at a time. DU for me has became a safe haven, where I can come in gather knowledge and fellowship with Democrats, and be refueled to go out and fight yet another day.

Journal Archives

Oh, Look Pretty Bow!

Have you ever received a gift and were afraid to rip the package to look inside, because you didn't want to rip that beautiful paper or bow?

You decide that you will be careful, and peek inside only to find the ugliest shirt you ever saw that was not even the size you wore.

So you take it back to the store where it came from, and exchange it for something you want. Even though I liked that Bow, I'm still throwing it in the trash.

This is how I see one or two issue/slogan voters. "Oh Look Pretty Bow" The wrapping/bow might be pretty on the outside but what's inside is still ugly. It's too late to exchange it for something you want, so you are stuck with that ugly shirt that's not even your size.

Ron Paul may be against wars and for legalizing marijuana on the surface but on the inside his policies are ugly, and definitely not my cup of tea. I'm throwing it in the trash. This goes for all the Republicans.

Democratic Party is more to my tastes, and it fits, sometimes a little snug, but I can stretch it out if need be.
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