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Jester Messiah

Jester Messiah's Journal
Jester Messiah's Journal
May 29, 2016

Clinton Surrogates Attack Sanders' Wife

It’s amazing that for months and months the Hillary Clinton campaign and her followers scream “sexist” at every negative comment even ones on her policies, and then in one night can shatter that whole narrative as well as the one of the “Bernie Bro” by attacking Jane Sanders looks, her appearance, the kind of clothes she wears, or her weight.

Keep it up, Hillarites. You're making yourselves look just so, so good.

May 28, 2016

Further proof that Bernie would whoop Ducking Donnie's ass

"Amusing how a man who claims he will take on ISIL is apparently afraid to take on septuagenarian senator from Vermont in a simple war of words," wrote WeAreChange.org.

Why there's so much resistance on the Dem side to backing a winner is frankly incomprehensible. It's obvious that Bernie can play rope-a-dope with Donnie all day. Meanwhile Hillary cowers on the sidelines and tries to spin away her forthcoming indictment. It's unreal.


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