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Pedal steel goes rock 'n roll: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

ďItís not that conservative people are more fearful, itís that fearful people are more conservative.


Using a large sample of related individuals, including twins, siblings, and parents and children, the researchers first assessed individuals for their propensity for fear using standardized clinically administered interviews. Looking at subjects who were related to one another, the researchers were able to identify influences such as environment and personal experience and found that some individuals also possessed a genetic propensity for a higher level of baseline fear. Such individuals are more prepared to experience fear in general at lower levels of threat or provocation.

Next, the researchers surveyed the sample for their attitudes toward out-groups ó immigrants in this case ó as well as toward segregation. Participants were also ranked on a liberal-conservative partisanship scale depending on how they self-reported their political attitudes.

The research indicates a strong correlation between social fear and anti-immigration, pro-segregation attitudes. While those individuals with higher levels of social fear exhibited the strongest negative out-group attitudes, even the lowest amount of social phobia was related to substantially less positive out-group attitudes.

ďItís not that conservative people are more fearful, itís that fearful people are more conservative. People who are scared of novelty, uncertainty, people they donít know, and things they donít understand, are more supportive of policies that provide them with a sense of surety and security,Ē McDermott said.

Ironic juxtaposition of thread titles in GD

I've been noting this sort of thing for a while now, I've started taking screen caps sometimes here are a couple of examples.

An inconvenient fact about drones: The first private drone to cross the Atlantic was 15 years ago

Think about where we have come technologically in the last fifteen years, what a cell phone looked like and did in 1998. Anyone that wants to make an ocean crossing, GPS guided drone today can do so with readily available off the shelf components for around the cost of a halfway decent used car or a higher end bicycle. An app could be written to do the navigation and flight control with an iPhone, all the hardware except for the flight surface control servos is already in the phone.

Such a drone could be made to fly right through the front door of your home (or pretty much anywhere else) carrying anything from high explosives to nerve gas to ebola virus.

There really would be no way to stop this sort of attack short of turning off the GPS satellite net for civilian use (a capability built into the satellites) and the number of possible launching sites as well as possible targets is all but infinite.

The blowback from using these little toys is going to be horrendous sooner or later, my bet is on sooner, autonomous guided bombs will be an amazingly good way to assassinate high value individuals in any nation. A wave of just a hundred of them simultaneously going after high value individuals in the US would make it necessary for the government to turn off the GPS system, the economic damage just from that alone would be vast.


August 1998 - " In August 1998, Aerosonde " Laima" flew into the record books by making the first crossing of the North Atlantic by a robotic aircraft and becoming the smallest aircraft to make the crossing."


The first UA to cross the Atlantic was the Aerosonde Mark I ďLaimaĒ flying from Bell Cross Airport in the USA to the DERA Benbecula Range in the Outer Hebrides, covering 3,270 Km in 26 hours 45 minutes at an altitude of 1,680 m, using only 5.6 Kg of fuel.

" Laima" , named after the LatvianGoddess of good fortune, was one of three Mk I Aerosondes built in Melbourne, Australia by Environmental Systems and Services (ES& S) for the University of Washington, under a contract from the US Office of Naval Research. The Mk I Aerosonde, first defined by Holland, McGeer and Youngren (1992), was developed to operational status by a consortium consisting of ES& S, The Insitu Group from Washington State and The Australian Bureau of Meteorology."

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