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Member since: Thu May 8, 2008, 03:38 PM
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A Good Response to the TPP

The Arbitration Provisions of the TPP are the most controversial. They allow a corporation to sue in an international tribunal in front of corporate lawyers (who also are free to bring such cases) for changes in law that might affect profits.

The only defenses so far have been a claim that the US has not lost such cases although that could certainly change as we engage capital exporting countries.

Regardless, the best answer is that changes in law, like changes in costs, are risks that are part of the investment decision. Why should tax payers bail out investors for risks that the investor should consider in deciding whether to invest. Investors profits can be reduced for all sorts of reasons beyond their control .... increases in energy costs ... competition .... natural disasters.

There is no reason we should not put risks of changes in laws that affect potential profit on the Investor. If a country sees fit to add worker protections or environmental laws after the investment and it loses the investor all or some money, that should be one of the risks the investor is being paid for when he invests.

It occurs right now in third world investments where investors demand higher returns if they believe a country is instable. Let them price risk of legal change themselves rather than put it on the back of taxpayers after the fact.

Real questions difference between "classified" and "non-classified" emails

I am not a HRC supporter but am on the fence on this current issue as to whether there is a there there.

In reading the HRC defenders, I have heard the claim that she did not use this private server for "classified" emails but only for "non-classified" emails. However, we have also heard she did not set up or never used an account set up on the government servers.

This leads to my questions.

1. Where did she make "classified" emails or did she never use emails for any classified information at all? There really are only 2 choices. Either she never had any emails that should have been classified or she used this private server for both classified and non-classified emails.

2. There is a follow up question which is whats the difference between classified and non-classified (but not personal) emails. Does that only come up when a FOI request comes in or is every email written by a SOS immediately reviewed for classification. I am hoping someone with knowledge can explain this.
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