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Member since: Thu May 8, 2008, 03:38 PM
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Would a viral poll against all Aquiting Senators help

Any tech person savvy enough to start one outside DU. Thinking it would simply contain a vow to vote against or contribute against any Senator voting to convict. Right now they are eatimating the fact of trump retaliation against possible voter reaction. If a poll went viral it might really show that the threat of Trump is less than the threat of voters. I am thinking of how the last episode of game of thronea got 3million signatures against the showrunners There were various public defenses but in fact star wars terminated their gig with star wars.

You dont need the Senate to Call Witnesses

The house continues to have constitutional investigative powers and oversight totally independant of the Senate Impeachment farce

If the Senate fails to call witnesses, the House should hold a press conference that very day saying the oversight committees will call the same witnesses to testify in open session. The Senate and McConnell can not say anything since its not in the Senate.

Now it wont be impeachment testimony but it will be public and Democratic pundits can say that even though the Senate refuses to obey its constitutional duty, the American People will still receive the information about their government that we deserve.
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