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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,379

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I remember when trump tried to steal Lawrence Taylor from the giants. I'm a big giants fan.

The giants payed him off. Trump walked away. Trump has always done the same thing over and over again. Trump will walk away from being president. He needs a way out. One where he makes money and saves face. I don't know how that will happen.

I am worried about the unseen damage.

When Trump was elected every crooked Businessman, CEO, Banker, Wall Street Exec. let out a loud cheer. Legalized corruption. We won't see the damage until it's to late. We have all seen this movie before.

I want to apologize to everyone here at DU.

In my last post I lashed out. I was wrong. I was not angry with anyone here. Something horrible happened at my job. I was stressed out. I work with the disabled. I witnessed abuse and reported it. Nothing was done. I reported it a second time and this time I warned them if nothing was done I would walk. They did nothing so I walked. I am out of work. I am a man of strong principles and I will always do the right thing even if it hurts me. I am taking further action. I am very protective of the people I care for.

This is not an excuse. I should not have lashed out here. I was wrong and I apologize. It will not happen again. I hope you will welcome me back.

Unlike Trump I can admit my mistakes and apologize.

Goodbye democratic underground, the problem with America is not just about trump and his voters.

The problem with America is the american people have lost their way, period. This website proved it. I'm out. I am close to retirement and i have made plans, taken action to shield myself from the american people who have become self destructive fools. Goodbye.

We still have a great constitution. We still have great free markets. What has gone wrong?

I believe America has gone bad because the american people have forgotten all the lessons FDR taught us. Washington gave us this great nation. Lincoln saved this great nation. FDR showed us how to honer this great nation. He showed us a better way to live our lives.

Under FDR the american people became a better people. They became more generous, more inclusive, more caring. He taught us we are all in this together.

He proved WE can use the government and laws to make all our lives better. He proved WE can use the government to empower the people when it comes to labor.

Under FDR we started to take better care of the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, and our senior citizens. FDR created a new American culture, A new American economy. The New Deal made the american people a better people, a better nation. We won World War II under New Deal economics. We took care of our vets like never before. The GI Bill.

FDR proved you can tax the rich and they will survive and thrive. The economy will survive.

What is happening now to the country we all love is we went back in time, To a time before the New Deal. A cruel time. A greedy and selfish time.
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